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Resilience, Self-Discovery, and Unwavering Faith: Sumalpong's Remarkable Journey to Fulfillment

Dipolog, Philippines - In the world of professional pursuits, sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads, torn between what we've always dreamed of and what we've stumbled into under pressure. Korina Sumalpong's journey is a testament to this universal dilemma, but more importantly, it's a story of hope, resilience, and transformation.

Korina, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication, hails from the scenic town of Dipolog. Her path to success, however, was anything but a straight line. For the first two months post-graduation, she ventured into the fast-paced world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), a childhood dream job that soon turned into a source of distress and dissatisfaction.

"Many days were filled with tears because I couldn't handle the job," Korina reveals, as she reflects on her days in the BPO industry. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, she felt drained. It was a pivotal moment in her life, as she realized that despite the allure of her dream job, it wasn't the right fit for her well-being.

Prior to her BPO experience, Korina explored various career avenues. She worked as an Image Annotator Specialist, an ESL Teacher, and a Virtual Assistant, all while completing her studies. It was her time as an Image Annotator Specialist where she found the most comfort, whereas her stint as a Virtual Assistant left her unprepared and disheartened due to her limited knowledge and experience in the field.

But then, there came a turning point, a silver lining, an opportunity that changed the trajectory of Korina's career and life. It was the day she joined Ripple, a virtual assistant company. She fondly recalls, "Being here fills me with gratitude and contentment."

Now, eight months into her journey with Ripple, it's evident that this was the best decision she ever made. She finds herself in an environment that has nurtured her personal and professional growth. The toxic agency that once marred her Virtual Assistant experience is now a distant memory, thanks to the supportive and understanding team at Ripple.

The transformation is visible in every aspect of her life. She now works with appreciative clients who value her skills and dedication. Korina has not only grown professionally but also spiritually and personally. "Eight months here feels like a year or two because I've learned and accomplished so much already," she remarks.

With her newfound knowledge and skills, Korina aspires to invest in relevant courses to further improve her capabilities. She sees a world of opportunities ahead, which she's determined to seize. Her vision is clear: to be well-versed in various online tasks and play a significant role in her clients' businesses and careers.

"I declare a future filled with abundance and joy," Korina states, as she pledges to be more grateful, disciplined, productive, time-conscious, and consistent. Her trust in the plans that will unfold is unwavering, and she's prepared to accept whatever comes her way.

In closing, Korina Sumalpong leaves an inspiring message for all those who may be at a crossroads in their own lives. She advises, "If your plans don't unfold as expected, don't lose heart. Instead, cherish the redirections, failures, and experiences. Learn from them. Don't attempt to control what's beyond your control. Surrender your worries and fears, trust in His guidance, and have faith in His path in all aspects of life."

Korina's journey is a reminder that sometimes, the best path is the one you didn't plan for. It's a journey filled with hope, courage, and the belief that even when the road ahead is uncertain, embracing change and finding contentment is always within reach.


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