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Management Feature: Executive Assistant to the CEO Yvonne Marie Loquinte

The nature of Yvonne Marie Loquinte’s work revolves around being a virtual assistant to the Ripple CEO herself, Jezrel Perez. She also plays an important part in being an executive virtual assistant and an internal support specialist. She is currently handling five clients, which include coaches and Ripple. Her job demands her to work remotely for more than two years. It entails being computer proficient, having basic knowledge in bookkeeping, possessing administrative skills, resilience to handle customer complaints, and being proactive, a problem solver, a good listener, a leader, an excellent communicator, and a team player. Since the start of her task, the greatest adversity that she overcame was managing and juggling tasks under pressure.

Before she starts her work, she conditions herself with God's Word. She then begins by plotting her priorities for the day and taking down notes on urgent things. Next, she wraps up the schedules for her account executives and makes alarms of scheduled calls for follow-ups. Then, she takes a small break by watching movies, listening to music, cooking, eating, and reading the Bible and devotional books. After that, she resumes her work by checking her pending work that needs to be done next shift. It may be a bit repetitive, but this, for her, is an ordinary workday. Being energetic and friendly, she sees that the CEO, AE's, and CRP's would be on the top of the schedule, making sure to set alarms, take down notes, and keep on track with the time to prioritize every shift.

She balances her leisure and work by scheduling time for herself and spending enough time with family and friends. She establishes work hours to give the best amount of quality work on the plotted time and checks notifications from time to time for maximum productivity. Lastly, she sees to it that she loves what she is doing.

She did not expect to achieve this position, to become internal support or executive assistant to the CEO. She solely wanted to become a virtual assistant, but God is great, and He gave her this special role. She just applied to Ripple because of its vision. For her, it is a one-of-a-kind company that prioritizes mentorship over anything else, which encourages individuals to be there.

Her best experiences with Ripple lie in its weekly mentorship programs, company wide-meetings, and getting to meet and greet people outside their profile caricatures. She enjoys the good company culture of having the management team acknowledge the EODs reports, the strong support system with the Ripple helpdesk, the tokens of appreciation to VA, and the idea that your wins are the win of others, and the VA of the week and year award. Ripple helped her become more transparent with the upper management, improve work quality, and become better each day.

Her message to aspiring virtual assistants is that anyone can be a Rockstar VA without any experience as long as you are dedicated and willing to learn. Extend your hopes multiple times if you are turned down and try again. If you are turned down again, then try again until you get accustomed to clients. It is not because you are unqualified/less skilled; rather, God is preparing the right client for you.


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