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MANAGEMENT FEATURE: Chief Service Desk Officer Jayne Caranto

If American singer Charlie Puth can sing the line "I'm only one call away," so can Ripple's Chief Service Desk Officer Jayne Caranto. Will she be there to save the day?

Jayne Caranto has always been one of the remarkable and now multi-talented Virtual Assistants (VA) of Ripple VAs. She is known as the company's risk-taker, someone who is always up for new challenges. Her experience in Customer relationship management (CRM) is rich. Whatever CRM platform is thrown at her, she can learn it in an hour or so. Truly, her skillset is unmatched inside the company, with many VAs commending her abilities.

So when she received the call to head the Service Desk, she laughed, unsurprised.

Jayne's main task as Chief Service Desk Officer is to become the first point of contact whenever VAs have questions in the Helpdesk Groupchat. Once a VA asks a question in the Helpdesk, it's her main job to answer the question or to lead them in the right direction where they can get the help they need. She provides articles, links, suggestions, comments, and advice on what they can do in a particular task or when they are stuck at something they can't or cannot do.

Since Jayne is still working in a one-woman team, she always ensures that queries remain answered, that the VAs are satisfied with the answers they get from the Helpdesk, and are also learning in the process.

It has only been a month, yet she has assisted multiple people with the experience she has gained in the past departments she handled. She came from the Training and Community Department, two completely different areas under the Ripple Company. Nevertheless, she overcomes the challenges faced in the transition phase. She believes it is more of a matter of the heart than the skills-wise.

Even as the current Chief Service Desk Officer, Jayne needs to look for sources of strength and motivation. She prayed hard to get a position in the Ripple Management Team. Jayne has dreams and aspirations, too. She wants to have her own VA agency in the future and to build a theatre company with her friends. Gaining financial independence also pushes her to keep moving forward.

Some believe she has superpowers to handle her life easily. However, she manages her time using Google Workspace to keep track of her appointments. Furthermore, she doesn't accept appointments at 12MN-3AM every day because she takes upskilling seriously. To live a well-disposed life is another key to managing her personal life away from her work life. She makes sure to take her medications and take her life easily.

Of course, Jayne's Department still has more to offer. She is currently launching Helpdesk Mondays to improve Ripple's Service Desk Department.

For Jayne, the Helpdesk's success is not up to her, but to the Virtual Assistants, she helps. If they were humble enough to ask for help, it shows that they really care about their clients and want to give the best service they can give. By creating a ripple effect of service towards the VAs, the Service Desk Team (aka Jayne) can also help a community.

Got more questions? Contact your Chief Service Desk Officer now. Superman got nothing on her!


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