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Freelancing: Key to Minding Your Own Business

In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, workers are embarking on the world of freelancing. Not to mention the 114 million people who faced job crises in 2020. As reported by the International Labour Organization — many now function independently to reel and handle the extra burden related to the upswing of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Etymologically, freelancing was first coined in 1800 and was known as a two-word trend describing autonomous workers. In his book “Ivanhoe,” Sir Walter Scott described it as Italian and French mercenaries (professional soldiers) who would give their warfare abilities and lances (weapons) to anyone inclined to compensate them. As the concept of freelancing springs from the labor force of the past, it continues to thrive even more these days because discovering a niche, especially during the pandemic, has invariably been a sure victory for those who are striving to carve their calling.

Now we yearn for a career that does not require any business hours impediments, worksite, and nonetheless returns generously. Sure, freelancing comes in many areas: blogging, web design, content marketing, SEO professional, and many more. You can begin today by integrating some of the items Ripple VAs is writing below.

Be F-R-E-E: Why Freelancing Might Be the Best Job For You Right Now

1. F for Freedom: Freelancing requires no supervision

Nobody wants to be micromanaged at work. When people have more control over your calendars, deadlines, and labor hours, it can substantially affect your betterment. In some scenarios, employees become committed about what to do and what not. As a freelancer, nothing is more fascinating than getting some leeway in the workplace – freedom ushers to a great degree of enthusiasm and, eventually, productivity. Moreover, it entails flexibility and consistently promotes the implication of work-life fit.

2. R for Rewarding: Freelancing lets you earn extra

Yes, you read it right – freelancing can be valuable. In some industries, their reward policies naturally involve settling bonuses or allowance at the prime of the chart. Although nothing is wrong with that, what sets freelancing apart and unique is that it allows you to increase your rate. With the extra money, of course, it would make your life effortless and will enable you to endow in entities that would maintain your cheerful disposition towards a freelancing career. Life and its realities, however, can make money matters and your earning potential a little more tricky to bargain. No matter what financial stance you are presently in, we are confident that the indulgence of just a little extra cash is something that you are glad to accept. So much so, the best thing about it is it is almost always possible to achieve.

3. E for Enterprising: Freelancing allows you to be resourceful

Fix your entrepreneurial crown on and unlock yourself up to freelancing because it teaches you enterprising skills. With our economy trying to spin the wheels of different business areas, we can all say everything is unstable. Freelancing will allow you to take other varieties of ventures while being resourceful simultaneously, experiment for growth, and influence your network. Likewise, the need to get around and broaden your portfolio is a must. It sways against the danger, and you might realize something fresh that you like.

4. [Another] E for Engaging: Freelancing is sensational

It’s not unusual to listen to hirelings’ statements evolving as freelancers to establish their momentum and operate from wherever they love. More importantly, when they begin to concentrate more of their vigor on doing what it was that enticed them to the opportunity, they would precisely say they had an excellent engagement at their job. As a freelancer, committing 100 percent to your duties cannot be done in just a blink of an eye. Whatever your reason is, you need to remind yourself why you are there. After all, your ultimate goal is to perform a job where you are not obligated to your clients.

Deciding to become an autonomous worker or a full-time hand is a construct that the corporate world clashes with. As a freelancer, you do things – excavating real work, transacting with the customers, overseeing your directory, and organizing all the technical setups – unassisted. Amidst everything, you also infer how pure a freelancer’s task can be. Banking on your strategy, you can always turn it manageable for yourself.


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