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Customer Service Trends in the Perspective of Ripple

More clients expect immediate responses and prompt solutions to issues as the digital era advances. With that, most clients search online and on their smartphones for solutions. To be competitive, businesses must stay informed of the most recent technological advancements to improve customer service and meet consumer expectations.

The unprecedented Covid-19 drastically changed markets and consumers' behaviors. Many businesses had to do downsizing and close their physical stores to pave the way for the new customer service trend — eCommerce. Social networking platforms have taken significant steps in recent years to incorporate different services into their websites better.

Ripple is one of the few companies that thrive during the pandemic. It retained nearly half of its clients and added triple what it normally got. The demand for an excellent and outstanding virtual assistant in Ripple was booming. Business owners and coaches shift to online, needing someone who can assist them in their online business.

Here’s a glimpse of how Ripple successfully mastered the online business: 1. The innovative developments the management implement

Ripple VAs launched several systems and processes and are still working on new systems to be put in place. To name a few, Ripple restructured the accountability chart and promoted leaders to spearhead departments that will help Ripple VAs grow. Ripple also started sending out company-wide newsletters weekly, referral programs, updated internal SOPs, and many more.

2. Customer Service in Ripple

Customer service here in Ripple is one of the most valued work aspects. The management and internal support team ensure that all client concerns are addressed and taken care of. By doing that, the client retention rate of Ripple shows good numbers. What the management and internal support team do helps promote client satisfaction.

3. Showing the clients feel that they are valued

Ripple makes it a point to always listen to what the clients say. The company ensures that their voices are heard and concerns are addressed and resolved. To get a grasp of how the team is performing, Ripple also sends out a feedback form to their clients to ensure all their concerns about the service they provide and the VA we paired them with are immediately settled.

4. Prioritizing clients without sacrificing the demands

Customer service means taking care of your clients but not giving them what they want; instead, Ripple gives them what they need. Part of Ripple VAs core values is “Finding a way to give more value to our clients.” Ripple gives what they can and should for their clients to stay and love how we serve them.

5. Empowering the clients

Part of the company’s process is to pair them up with outstanding and excellent VAs. By doing so, the clients are achieving their business goals and staying on top of their game. It also allows them to come up with more strategies and ideas to be better in what they do. Ripple also asks its clients to participate in the marketing plans. Aside from that, Ripple VAs also feature their clients from time to time, which helps to promote their business and let others know about it.


Delivering top-notch customer service helps boost your business, retain clients, and attract prospects in the market. Always provide excellent, personalized customer service by incorporating these customer service trends into your plan. Delivering these trends at first can be difficult, but it will surely be rewarding for your business.


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