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Case Study: Mentorship - Key to a Company's Success


The COVID 19 Struggle

The COVID-19 Pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, continues to be a global pandemic of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The pandemic caused severe social and economic upheaval, resulting in the greatest global recession since World War II. Supply chain disruption caused widespread shortages, including food shortages. The near-global lockdowns resulted in an unprecedented reduction in pollution. In many jurisdictions, schools and public spaces were closed full or in part, and many events were postponed or canceled. Misinformation spread on social media and in the mainstream media, and political tensions rose. Race and geographic discrimination, health equity, and the proper balance between public health and individual rights were all issues during the pandemic's course. The COVID-19 Pandemic shut down the world instantly, causing businesses to reevaluate their methods of operation and make plans for the future. Even the most forward-thinking businesses will have to adjust to new realities if they want to survive in a world after a pandemic has passed through it.

The Solution

In the early days of the pandemic, the Ripple Mentorship showed remarkable resiliency. This has proven to be a valuable asset in the emotional and spiritual aspects of the company. This epidemic disproved the idea that employees needed to be in an office to work. Post-pandemic "new world" is neither remote nor in-person. It is more likely to have a hybrid atmosphere where people come together to build teams and strengthen their relationships. Thus, Ripple Mentorship looked beyond the immediate post-pandemic lens to integrate remote work insights into a hybrid, long-term strategy that supports employees wherever they may be.

Many organizations around the world circumvented the COVID-19 problem by working remotely. The Ripple Mentorship Program also followed by going fully remote. In this manner, it could provide employees with a better work-life balance and increase work productivity.

The Results:

The Ripple Mentorship has become integral in reviving and sustaining spiritual fire. Worshipping together as a company is one of the most effective ways for employees and Christians to receive God's grace in their daily lives. One of the most important aspects of worship and Christianity cannot be experienced in private worship or by watching a service. Meeting together is where God gives some of God's graces and blessings. Of course, countless other "graces and blessings" can be bestowed during times of worship.

We often feel spiritually drained when we enter a worship service. It is easy to lose sight of what is most important when living in the fallen world throws us a curveball during the week. That is why we must decompress, reset spiritually, and resuscitate ourselves. The most important thing we can do is worship Jesus together as a group through mentorship.

In return, individuals gain a sense of belonging and shared mission (fellowship), as well as a sense of confidence from the community dynamic. These individuals strive to become more and more like Jesus, which is why the Ripple Mentorship is essential to sanctification. Thus, God loves to transform minds and hearts when participating in mentorship.

Worship in the context of a group is enhanced. Our own awe is accentuated, our own adoration increases, and our own joy doubles when we worship Jesus together. A shared joy is a double joy. Among the gifts and blessings we receive in mentorship are the heightened joy of heightened adoration and awe because our delight in Jesus expands as we magnify him with others, and the heightened joy of awakening, assurance, advance, and acceptance of others' leadership. Joy in mentorship is not only self-forgetfulness, or to put it positively, preoccupation with Jesus and his glory—but also the happy awareness that we are not alone in having our souls satisfied in him.

As a result, Ripple stresses the importance of being approachable, humble, and teachable at all times. To be used by God in this capacity is a great honor, and this person will grow closer to Him as they mentor others. Thus, it is also a great sense of accomplishment to follow Jesus' command to go and make disciples, even if it means making many sacrifices.


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