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Case Study: How Ripple Grew From a Team of 3 to 200+


Ripple VAs is a Philippine-based virtual assistance company that strives to create a positive ripple effect in the community, the client, and the ministry. However, before it became a respectable company, it all started from a team of three and grew into a company of 200+ virtual assistants and employees. Jezrel Perez, the CEO and Founder of Ripple VAs, recounts the events as an adventure of the continuous battle of prayer, faith, and fulfillment.

She began her career by working online and gaining as much knowledge as possible in order to become a virtual assistant. She came to enjoy it more and more over time as she gained experience with various tasks.

How Ripple VAs Grew

Ripple's recruitment process became more intensive, and its branding and social media management have progressed exponentially over the years. According to Jezrel, "It is amazing that even after a little over four years, the Ripple Team has quickly grown. Sure, we had some challenges along the way … but by God's grace, we were able to surpass them all."

She also emphasizes that God is always a part of Ripple's decision-making processes, citing that He is the one who originally provided Jezrel with this vision. Amidst the successes, the company is merely a vessel for God's greater plan for the community and the ministry. This is because a portion of the overall profit made by Ripple VAs is used to subsidize the missionary work and educational initiatives carried out by the church in the remote communities of the Philippines.

Aside from that, this growth could be understood due to the increased number of freelancers. Many full-time employees are now freelancing and providing virtual assistant services for the tasks or fields in which they have a particular area of expertise. They gain many advantages from working remotely, such as setting their own hours, better work-life balance, and increased productivity.

Meanwhile, with the advent of high-speed internet access, people who live in remote areas of the world can now find work thanks to the internet. Virtual work is becoming increasingly popular, and the virtual assistant industry is reaping the rewards of faster internet and wireless networks. As a result, the market for virtual assistants is growing at an accelerated rate, allowing more people to work from home.

Staying in touch with employees and receiving regular work updates are made easier with reliable internet access. While working from any location, virtual assistants can access, download, and share data and other official documents. Using the internet encourages self-education, which eliminates the need for additional instruction. Because of their previous experience working in a virtual environment, virtual assistants can quickly become familiar with the digital tools used in remote workspaces. As more businesses move to remote and hybrid work models, the need for offshore virtual assistants will continue to rise.

On the other hand, the increase of virtual assistants could be attributed to the flexibility in work schedules. Virtual assistants can work when it is most accessible for them, thanks to the convenience of a flexible work schedule. This flexible work schedule of Ripple can help everyone keep and attract talented employees. It provides the ability to assemble a group of people who are both highly motivated and supportive of a positive work environment. Thus, hiring virtual assistants and allowing them the freedom to work from any location ensures that they maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Lastly, the Ripple thrived due to the digital tools used in the workplace. Digital tools can also make it much easier for Ripple to manage remote workers and virtual assistants. With the help of these tools, communication is easier with virtual assistants at any time of day or night. Because these virtual assistants are better at using digital tools, they require only the smallest amount of time and attention.

Moving Forward with Ripple VAs:

As of the moment, over 200 people are working for the company, and that number continues to grow. Ripple strives to achieve these goals as it prides itself among the many companies that survived the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ripple as a company continues to provide a positive ripple effect on the community, the clients, and the ministry. Ripple will grow to provide work opportunities, help the virtual assistant community multiply, and be equally competent, trustworthy, highly skilled, and world-class Filipino virtual assistants.

Ripple intends to improve its skills and increase its value to other businesses through their clients. Ripple strives to increase and launch many Ripple Mission projects to provide financial support to students and churches. Ripple will raise more well-trained and well-disciplined individuals professionally and spiritually to continue to enhance the Mentorship Program for VAs. Most importantly, by multiplying resources to give more to the Ripple Mission ministry.

To this day, Ripple is expanding in every facet of its vision, and this trend is expected to continue. Maintaining a focus on our mission while remaining firmly rooted in our core values. Not only do we want our business to expand in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality. Indeed, we are little rocks turning ripple into waves because we want to make a difference in the world.


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