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An Insider Info to Internal Supports' KPI Positive Feedbacks from their CISO

About the Chief Internal Support Officer (CISO)

Cath Ayacaide exemplifies exceptional talent and dedication. As a Chief Internal Support Officer, she is responsible for leading the Internal Support Team in providing high-quality service across the organization. When it comes to finding the perfect match between a client's specific needs and a virtual assistant's skill set, her department is second to none. Additionally, they ensure that the VA will have a trial period with the client and that once the period is over, Internal Support will get in touch with the client to discuss their impressions. After the client approves continuing with the trial VA, Internal Support will generate the necessary paperwork and bills. Concerns raised by clients will be addressed internally, whether they relate to their VA or the completion of any number of tasks. She summed up the importance of internal support by calling it the "backbone" of the company.

Meet the Team

Yvonne Loquinte, The Passionate and Dedicated Internal Support.

Saira Basarte, The Accountability Initiator Internal Support.

Resyl Noynay, The Action-Oriented Internal Support.

Angelika Calimposan, The Problem-Solver Internal Support.

Dane Manzano, The Reliable Internal Support.

Yvonne, The Passionate and Dedicated Internal Support

In this respect, Yvonne is outstanding. She manages to get her work done as an Internal Support even though she also has other responsibilities. She is working on being more proactive and organized so that she can better assist our VAs.

Saira, The Accountability Initiator Internal Support

Saira is showing great improvement. Cath values her diligence, especially when updating the trial chatrooms. Her specialty is revitalizing dormant online communities, and she makes it a point to revive dormant chat rooms whenever possible. Everyone appreciates her submission. Although she needs improvement in being attentive to detail and prioritizing tasks, Saira is always open to learning and willing to show humility after constructive criticism.

Resyl, The Action-Oriented Internal Support

Resyl is very proactive; whenever she's about to begin working on something, she stops to ensure she understands the assignment fully. Cath admires her ability to approach problems and questions with a broad perspective. Resyl is curious and willing to learn; she isn't afraid to check in and make sure that she is on the right track. She is very at ease because she can question anything and everything at any time. She needs to work on her initiative and have more faith in her choice of how to handle the situation. However, the positive aspect of the circumstance is that she remembers the inputs and makes mental notes of them so that she won't have to ask them again.

Angelika, The Problem-Solver Internal Support

Whenever you need something done, you can count on Angelika to get it done quickly and effectively. She takes criticism well and learns quickly. One of the many things Cath admires about her is how promptly she responds to the needs of her clients and virtual assistants. Though she tends to miss out on asking questions, she is a fast learner and quick to act in solving problems. She takes care of it during her shift, so the other internal support staff doesn't have to worry about it.

Dane, The Reliable Internal Support

She ensures that she performs her duties and the scope of her responsibilities to the highest possible standard. Her personality inspires her partner to flourish and achieve their full potential. Though she is still improving her communication skills, she is adept at completing the tasks at hand.

It makes a significant difference to have each and every one of them. Even when things get difficult, they maintain the most positive attitude possible, which is a testament to their efforts to improve internal operations have not been in vain. Their dedication to hard work is truly admirable, and we could all learn a lot from them. In the foreseeable future, the Internal Support Team will grow with diverse, dynamic, and stronger collaboration.


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