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5 Common Characteristics of an Inspirational Leader

Everyone wants to work with someone who inspires them, makes them feel their best, and supports them when they face challenges. Do the leaders you've worked with inspire you? Were you prepared to go above and beyond to complete the task for them? Or do you consider yourself an inspirational leader?

Here are 5 characteristics that an inspirational leader often possesses:

1. They pay attention and listen.

Inspirational leaders will pause before speaking and listen for meaning. These leaders won't multitask or prepare a response in advance while the other individual is speaking. When they do answer, they will express themselves in a way that shows they paid attention to the other person.

2. They exhibit honesty.

Inspirational leaders show that they uphold their principles, "walk the talk," are dependable, and honor their commitments. Despite the fact that it may seem like the most popular course of action, these leaders always act honestly. Their behaviors are consistent with their ideals. They are concerned with their work, as well as the welfare and growth of the people on their team.

3. They are well-informed.

While being an inspiration to others does not need having all the answers, it does require that you have some level of expertise in the field. This will help you establish credibility. Without this, people won't be able to believe what you say is accurate, and encouraging others also requires building people's trust.

4. They show their humanity.

High titles frequently frighten less experienced team members, and they fail to remember that their boss is also a person. It's critical for leaders to show that they are aware of the problems and worries that their teammates face. Genuinely listening while demonstrating empathy and care for their team are traits of a successful leader. Inspiring leaders show concern for the team members and stand by them in difficult situations.

5. They are resilient.

Every leader will come into situations where a project fails or they encounter obstacles. Team members will observe a leader's response to these scenarios. Inspiring leaders will take these opportunities to grow and will overcome challenges. Instead of criticizing a teammate or "throwing them under the bus," they will demonstrate their resilience by controlling their emotions and seeking out solutions to the problem.

These 5 characteristics of an inspirational leader are the most common traits they must possess. Each of us has the potential to inspire others. You may already possess some of these qualities, therefore regardless of whether you consider yourself to be an inspirational leader now, everyone has the capacity to become one.


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