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[VA Feature] Shiena Marie Sapon: A Heart of a Fighter

Life is filled with many different possibilities. Some will challenge you, but most of it will absolutely make you prosper. As one among many who continues to rise above all these possibilities, let us get to know one of RippleVA’s strong-willed personalities.

A fully-equipped virtual assistant who is ready to walk on different pathways, Shiena Marie T. Sapon, a very dedicated person especially when it comes to work, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the AMA Computer College - Santiago Campus where she was awarded as the Best Software System Designer. Proudly carrying her passion and love with photography and graphics creation, she has extended her skills and abilities in the arena ever since 2018 where she has worked with different people or clients that made her uphold the additional experiences and knowledge that she needs to continue growing.

Shiena, who gets her strength from her mother who works hard and strives more in another country to sustain and support them, dreams a bright future ahead for her in which she envisioned to be a very successful Virtual Assistant, managing her own Virtual Assistant Agency that will give way for her to help more people.

Being exposed in the virtual industry ever since, Shiena has come across different people, clients, colleagues, and environment. Before entering RippleVAs, she explored and discovered a lot for her peace and joy to be in a good place and finally, as she entered the company, expressed that: “My life has been great, and lots have changed in my life.” Where Ripple has helped her grow by assisting her in acquiring new knowledge and abilities that helped her increase output accomplishments and efficiency, and more to succeed in her work.

In her stay with RippleVAs, she enjoyed the weekly mentorships and game nights which made her do more lively work and aim to be one of the top highest earners where she may inspire other VAs to do so as well.

Shiena stands for her life motto: "I’m not the one you think I am, but I’m the one you never thought I will ever become." where she explained that she will continue to fight for her goals, and no matter what she faces, her will to move forward shall rise. Inspired by the song by Rachel Platten titled, “Fight Song”, Shiena believes that, “What's important is that even though life may throw hard at you, you should not give up and keep fighting and moving forward.”

Nothing can ever stop a mind firm and steady, a heart filled with determination, and a soul radiating courage.

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