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[VA Feature] Emeljune Corpuz: A Man of Excellence Forged with Outstanding Work Ethics

The quality of output has put this man in the limelight — with an impressive work ethic and a high degree of professionalism on every client he works with. A man mixed with excellence and perseveranceEmeljune Corpuz. He’s a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management and a banker for 12 yrs. The corporate world is no mysterious place for Emeljune, he has been in the industry for many years and familiarized himself in dealing with multiple clients.

Afraid of failing has nurtured the mind of Emeljune to provide a high quality of work and good results to every client he has. The consistent efforts shown by Emeljune have been regarded and admired by his clients. He provided them with meaningful work which has helped their business thrive in this Pandemic. Many clients have referred to Emeljune’s excellent output and professional work ethic. Ripple Management has also acknowledged the outstanding value that Emeljune has contributed to the company. Because of this, he has been twice recognized as the virtual assistant for December.

“I always make sure that I provide a high quality of work and always be honest to our clients for a lighter work relationship and avoid repercussions,” he noted.

Emeljune’s VA journey started when a former colleague introduced Ripple to him. Since he also wanted to become a VA, he had the courage to challenge himself in a new industry aside from his current work. With the variety of skill sets and abilities needed to work with different clients, Emeljune found his passion with one of the tasks he worked-- Graphic/Video Editor VA.” I was so happy doing my tasks as a Graphic and Video Editor VA because this was my passion”, he noted.

Ripple VAs has molded Emeljune’s character and developed his spiritual side of him. Apart from the emotional satisfaction, he also experienced a financial breakthrough with Ripple.

“Ripple VAs is so hospitable and very kind to every VA and Client. I can’t avoid being happy every working hour, I’m always excited to do and attend to my working shift. And of course, Ripple is stupefying for having a mentorship that you’ll never have to other companies”.

Emeljune has proved himself to be one of the seasoned virtual assistants in Ripple VAs. He consistently serves the clients with excellence, and continuously honors the mission and vision of the company. With his story as an inspiration among other VAs. He leaves a message to aspiring virtual assistants;

“If you want to reach something, work for it, I know it is hard at first, but only your willingness to learn and your desire to become a VA will only be the path to enter the online world,” he noted.

“Life is too short to be unhappy| We only live once, so it is better for us to be happy all the time as much as possible, for us to inspire somebody and give a silver lining,” he added.


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