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8 Tips to Increase Hand-Raisers

In business, leads are the essential marketing and sales strategy components. Engaging customers, acquiring leads, qualifying, and nurturing prospects is a complex process of retargeting people and achieving a return on investment. Many marketers aspire for a particular form of engagement known as a "hand raiser" to gather and qualify important leads.

Essentially, a "hand raiser" is a client who expresses interest in a business by providing personal information like contact info in exchange for something of value. They identified themselves as a potential consumer by supplying contact information to a company.

Hand-raisers are a considerable help in sales efforts since they help you be ahead of the competition. They are also called warm prospects since they lie between cold prospects and qualified leads. They have shown some enthusiasm but have not been thoroughly examined or evaluated enough to be qualified. A client cannot be a hand-raiser if they do provide their contact information.

1. Content

One of the more effective ways to attract hand-raisers to your product is through content development. Customers interested in your space can be attracted by producing high-quality, practical information on a company blog or YouTube channel. You can lure them with content offerings or other material in exchange for their contact information once you have caught their attention.

2. Marketing

You can attract potential hand-raisers to your website by advertising online through sponsored social, paid search, or more traditional methods. Provide ways for people to provide you their contact information through webinar offers or a survey form. To assist hand-raisers to stay interested in your organization, send them other relevant content offers. Selling to hand-raisers ultimately depends on your ability to convert them into qualified leads. Figure out their original intent, provide that information to marketing, and determine if they are worth the sales team's attention.

3. Research

Hand-raisers can sometimes find their way to you on their research. They could be seeking a solution like yours and researching other things within the field. As a result, people may come across your website and be attracted by what you have to offer, prompting them to provide you with their contact information in exchange for additional information.

4. Engagement

Through human connection with consumers, face-to-face settings provide an essential chance to maximize the lead acquisition approach. Onsite events allow businesses to demonstrate and sample their products to maximize the number of possible hand-raisers. The percentage of valuable warm leads increases considerably because of this approach. When selling to hand-raisers, the idea is to be present and persistent without being rude or aggressive. Avoid scheduling a demo right after receiving their information or setting up a discovery call every day.

5. Digitalization

It is critical to employ digital technologies to acquire and track leads. Brands may use the live marketing software platform to save costs, save time, and prevent data loss by using websites, emails, and onsite applications. Connected applications provide a seamless data-driven strategy for onsite engagements, ensuring that every encounter is recorded and securely saved.

6. Questions

The power of a hand raiser comes from gathering simple information such as a person's name and email address. Then, to qualify new hand-raisers, the questions include a few non-intrusive fields. The most effective forms use fields that identify valuable qualifying information through association. Although an association may not be correct for everyone, user-friendly forms are filled out more often. That is why data gathering is a delicate balancing act between asking the right questions to qualify leads and keeping the survey brief and straightforward.

7. Social Media

Utilize the networks of new prospects by implementing social amplification. Consumers connect and influence peers by sharing their experiences and branded photographs or videos from your live events. The brand is promoted via social media, which will lead to hand-raisers becoming brand ambassadors.

8. Nurturing

It is critical to follow up with hand-raisers utilizing automated, tailored, and contextual emails based on the submitted information. These emails can be tailored to information provided by each customer and their unique interests. Emails can be sent in response to any form of automatic input trigger, either as a one-time notification or as part of a more extended campaign that nurtures hand-raisers over time.

Hand-raisers are worth pursuing to boost your business brand. Even though "warm" leads are difficult to qualify, many marketers believe in the efficacy of hand-raisers. Likewise, this could be the start of a relationship that can be cultivated between your brand and the global market.


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