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Your Life, Your Job, Your Career: Master the art of Creating Funnels with Ripple!

Ripple's Continuing Education Program (RCEP) has yet again set in motion last July 23, 2020, as the company launched its talking point on the Basics of ClickFunnels spearheaded by Ripple’s specialist, Dein Calixtro.

Armed with vast knowledge and experience in the said field, Dein generously shared her expertise with the trainees.

It's crucial to note that Click Funnels are pages that lead to conversions. A link on a social media site, a search marketing ad, or an email are all common ways for prospects to enter a click funnel. Then, the prospects are directed to a landing page dedicated to a product or service a company offers.

Ripple's Dein had expertly provided an in-depth discussion of this fundamental marketing strategy. She explained everything like a walk in the park, from her experiences in social media management to the things she keeps in mind to improve the trainees' abilities in a variety of ways— all these in hopes that they would be able to utilize and build on their skill sets for their clients in the present and future.

She also taught them how to act like a true marketer, ranging from upselling and down selling up to the more complex aspects of business, like online advertising revenue models, such as Cost Per Click, Cost Per Thousand, to name a few.

Moreover, Dein stressed the importance of creating funnels from its first contact with clients up to its final sale. The extent of conduct and involvement at each phase is valuable to determine where the prospect is in the marketing funnel and its effectiveness.

She also shared some pointers on generating leads from various types of content. Remarkably, the trainees could absorb everything without difficulty thanks to the company trainer's ability to provide relatable examples and simplify complicated subtopics.

After the presentation, the trainer entertained all questions from the enthusiastic trainees who attended the session. The training session concluded with valuable information that Ripple trainees had once again gained.

From this day forth, Ripple's Continuing Education program will carry on with its goal to provide cost-efficient and worthwhile training sessions in line with the company's goal to create a positive ripple effect to the community, virtual assistants, and clients.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're curious about how far you can take your life, job, and career, contact us now and be part of our booming service.


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