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Working Student VA Feature: Krisha Suasin and a Fixed Goal

“Whenever you think of giving up, think of your why.’” This simple yet profound insight is from Krisha Suasin, a working student in Ripple VAs.

Krisha is currently a first-year Juris Doctor student at the University of San Jose - Recoletos and has earned a degree in Foreign Affairs at Silliman University. She is also a VA for a year and ten months now, alongside her academic pursuits.

With these details presented, one might ask: how does she manage to work as a virtual assistant while being a law student? Well, here is how she does it.

Surprisingly, Krisha does not have a fixed routine, unlike other working students. She goes by the thought that when she feels like studying, she will. She will also work with that client right away when she has one to assist. This free flow of her day maintains her balance in life. Of course, Krisha feels blessed since her job at Ripple VAs is flexible. With this, she doesn't feel the need to contain herself in a regimen.

Although as laid back as it may seem, Krisha admits that being a student VA is stressful, especially since law school is demanding and draining. There were actually instances when she wanted to quit her job because she gave more attention to her clients than her studies.

Supposedly, Krisha is a sophomore now. Due to her mental health struggles and the pressure of being in law school—she transferred to her current university, putting her back to square one. But this turn of events did not discourage Krisha. Instead, she braved it through with God's grace and is now free from her medication—starting anew in a different place and position.

Krisha might not have a fixed pattern every day. Still, what kept her going as a student VA is her established dream of working in the foreign service and that she can now contribute to paying for her tuition fee and buying her academic books. She shared that her most victorious moment in work was when she earned her first 5-digit income.

She is also grateful for Ripple VAs because the company helped her so much in her depression healing, especially financially, as she spent her earnings on therapy and medications before.

From affording her necessities to winning her battles, the essential thing that Krisha learned from being a VA in Ripple is to be proactive, which is beneficial in her law school journey. Meanwhile, law school and years of education taught her the value of confidence and communication skills to provide the utmost services to her clients and the company.

For Krisha, the advantage of having a working student in the company is that there is more learning and growth yet to unfold—along with it are endless possibilities, both for the VA and the company.

Krisha was on the verge of giving up her path, but she relied on the power of her ‘why’ and the revelation that came with fixing herself on a goal.


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