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Behind every successful project and satisfied client are the dynamic and competent virtual assistants of Ripple. These virtual assistants are always ready to give their all in providing the best service for their clients because of the work flexibility, skills-development opportunities ,and mentorship that comes with being part of the Ripple VAs team. While the continuous growth of our team speaks for itself, the VAs of Ripple bear witness to the encouraging and supportive environment that we cultivate in our teams.

Becoming a virtual assistant for Ripple allows one to work in the comfort of their own homes and without the restriction of a rigid schedule. Listen to what some of the VAs have to say on the flexible nature of their jobs.

Milo John Paracuelles

“Apart from the fact that RippleVAs is changing lives and providing job opportunities, this growing company is also honing skills and giving me the chance to work with my family. Amidst the pandemic, God's intervention led me to Ripple VAs so that I can earn while being at home and protect my senior citizen parents from the perilous environment... The chance and the opportunities that Ripple VAS gives even after being rejected multiple times have been astounding.”

Carmeli Mae Constantino

“I love Ripple VAs because I get more feel with the work-life balance where I get to have enough time with work, family, and myself. Since I've become a part of the Ripple family, I have gained knowledge and friends, which I consider treasures I can bring in my lifetime! I have never been more grateful for working with Ripple!”

Angel Gabisan

“Ripple helped me financially as I continue to earn amidst the pandemic, physically as I am once again back to working routine, mentally as I venture into this new playground of virtual assistance, and spiritually as I am brought closer to God. I am forever grateful for being gifted to work in my comfortable place and the luxury to work anywhere, spend most of my time at home, and o do things that matter most to me. Nothing else I could ask for but to be thankful that God and life led me to Ripple.”

While Ripple VAs are screened thoroughly, we also train VAs extensively to take their skills and talents to the next level. Take a look at the different learning opportunities from the VAs themselves.

Arvin Demuelle Trinidad

“I am very thankful to be a part of Ripple VAS because I enjoy helping and sharing my God- given skills/expertise with clients and others. Here at Ripple VAs, you'll also have the opportunity to learn, discover, and experience new skills essential for our goals.As a freelancer, I also enjoy the virtual environment with our fun and accommodating co-virtual assistants.”

Marijoe Sanchez

“Working with Ripple VAS changed my life a lot. I never imagined I would enjoy working this much. Aside from our awesome clients, we all got supportive management and great co-VAs too! Ripple VAS made me see many things I haven't discovered and realized before, mostly my hidden talents and skills. Best company ever!”

Kaye Villacrucis

“Before I was working at Ripple, I had no prior work experience. So I got scared of applying at Ripple because I had no work experience, it is a new working environment, and nobody is guiding me during the process. Now, I have no regrets about taking that risk. Working at Ripple taught me a lot of things like time management, flexibility, and proactiveness.”

Ripple also offers mentorship to our VAs. This is in the form of mentorship sessions where VAs are given the support not only for professional but also for spiritual growth. Take a look at the incredible experiences of our VAs and how the mentorship helped them.

Bethany Sibala

“Aside from the awesome and very helpful colleagues, I have seen how this company has been an instrument to further Jesus' ministry. The thought of working for a company that puts Jesus at the center of everything fuels me every day. And because of this, It inspired me to do my best, be a better person, and most importantly, be a better Christian.”

Sheena Marie Balat

“What captivates me is their humble heart and ministry of serving clients and VAS, but above all, our God. I saw the vision of Ripple as being a company that continues to provide a positive ripple effect on our community, on the clients, and on the ministry that they serve. Ripple is not just a company but a spiritual one. They guide me, inspire me to reach great heights, and comfort me when I falter. Thank you to the ladies (Ms. Jez, Ms. Shana, and Ms. Melvz) behind Ripple VAS face and above all to our One True God, who answered what I fervently prayed for.”

Keshia Ongpauco

“Ripple did not just open its door for me as a newbie in the freelancing industry, but also made me a part of their virtual family who has constantly provided support, guidance, and motivation. They helped me develop my VA skills, upscale my financial abilities, and build a stronger faith in GOD. A true blessing, indeed!”

Ultimately, our dedication towards creating a positive ripple effect extends not only to our clients and the communities we serve but also to our VAs who make all of this possible in the first place. Take it from one of our clients, ”I have a lot of my clients that I have referred to Ripple VAs already and I haven't had anyone say that they regret it. I've only had people tell me ‘oh my gosh why didn't I do this sooner!’.” Our VAs are not only a part of our team, they are a part of our Ripple VAs family.


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