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VALs as Business Strategy Key Players

The world is always in constant change – this includes your business.

You must equip yourself with the right strategy, updated tools and equipment, and talented and skilled people to succeed.

Just make one wrong move, and it might cause your business to lose its advantage against competitors. In the worst-case scenario, it might cost you your business. Having someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to work by your side is imperative – like Virtual Assistant Leaders. VALs always ensure that your goals are always reachable.

Hence, Ripple VAs presents you with some corporate strategies and how VALs play a vital role in achieving each strategy.

Efficient Growth Strategy.

This strategy focuses on obtaining growth through efficient speed and capabilities. It highlights making decisions that achieve financial success as fast as possible. These can be through making smarter spending and investing decisions that ensure the benefits are always greater than the cost.

Efficient growth can also be achieved by differentiating your business from other competitors. These can be achieved by providing far better products and services to competitors or products or services that have never been seen in the market.

VALs are trained to help you make smarter decisions grounded on their years of experience and vast knowledge in the field you employed them to succeed. Employing VALs is more cost-efficient and provides worldwide competent services. They are experts in multi-tasking and being flexible – ready to face unforeseen situations. They shine in making the best decisions to ensure steadfast growth.

Data and Market Research Strategy

Information has always been worth gold. Having a lack of information might be the cause of your fall. Having sufficient information might be your game-changer. Successful businesses have now heavily relied on data and market research to gain competitive advantages. Studying your business’s environment to gain a holistic understanding allows you to formulate SMART long and short-term strategies.

Aside from mining for information, successful businesses also focus on institutionalizing systems that allow such relevant information to become available to the entire organization as fast as possible. This system will make decision-makers make faster and more informed decisions. An effective information system also encourages the stakeholders to form unity for a common goal.

VALs are pivotal in achieving a smooth-flowing information system as they are skilled in data gathering, market research, and even making informed conclusions to such gathered information that will help you make wiser decisions. VALs are also innately talented in making better connections within the organization. Due to their friendly disposition, they can easily ensure everyone is updated and in sync.

Resilient Workforce Strategy

Due to the unprecedented post-effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are still recovering from its losses. One of the losses they are recovering from is the loss of talent. Hence, it is time to employ a new talented workforce to regain their competitive advantage.

Well-adapted businesses adopt a skill-based hiring model or an on-demand talent acquisition model. Skill-based hiring model focuses on hiring the right skill and building a hyper-focused and more flexible workforce. On the other hand, the on-demand talent acquisition model focuses on hiring agile and flexible teams on demand – helping the company innovate faster than ever before.

Either way, VALs thrive in both acquisition models. VALs’ skills are hyper-focused. Their skills are specialized to cater to your special needs. Not only that, but they are also very agile and flexible. They can adjust their schedule to fit your liking. They are always ready on demand.

In today’s competitive market, creativity alone cannot make you successful. You need sufficient knowledge and steps (strategies) to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Additionally, day by day, the market gets more complicated. More and more new emerging problems are challenging business owners (both large and small). If you want to succeed, you must solve these problems with new solutions – like employing the powers of VALs.


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