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VAL Feature: From Doubt to Diamonds: Phoelyn's Ripple Journey

Many people have compared life to a raging river, whose unpredictable currents and flows lead to personal development and transformation. Phoelyn April Lopez, or "Phel" as affectionately known at Ripple VAs, has successfully sailed across the changing waters of uncertainty and difficulty to emerge as a shining star in virtual assistance. Her narrative exemplifies the life-altering effects of perseverance, faith, and the love and influence of a supportive community.

Phel's virtual assistant leader (VAL) journey began with a twist. She found herself at the doorstep of an enticing opportunity – the Executive Mentee program at Ripple VAs. This unique opening allowed her to leapfrog the customary hiring process, propelling her headlong into virtual assistance, a domain she had long yearned to explore but had been hesitant to enter.

Phel's fears and uncertainties at the start of the journey were like the rough seas that can capsize a ship. She considered her skills and wondered if she was indeed equipped to handle the complexities of the VA industry. Nonetheless, she took the chance with unyielding determination, set on proving that one's actual life begins at the edge of one's comfort zone.

She was given intensive instruction through the program. After that, she enrolled in RSA 5 and began seriously considering a career as a Ripple coach or trainer. But the specter of self-doubt was always there, blanketing her confidence in her skills and knowledge.

Fortunately, a close-knit group called "Team Praise" became Phel's guiding light amid this chaos. They were like a boat tied to the riverbank, keeping her from falling into the depths of self-doubt, and together they were her lifeline. These mentors and colleagues were always there to cheer her on and offer advice.

Week after week, Phel looked forward to meeting with her newfound group at their weekly mentorship sessions. She found new motivation and courage from these sessions, which helped her cross the bumpy seas of insecurity. Phel made a life-changing choice at this time: she signed on to her first-ever client.

With the help of co-VALs Saira and EJ, all members of Team Praise, Phel threw her net into the roiling river of opportunity. She took a giant leap of faith, her heart racing into the unknown. Though the client engagement lasted only two weeks, it left a lasting impression on her. After interacting with the client, Phel realized something new.

Phel became a hardworking expert, securing two long-term clients and being named one of Ripple's Top Multipliers along the process. Her faith was crucial to her growth. In particular, Phel found encouragement and confidence in Romans 8:31 and Romans 5:3, and she never wavered in her conviction that God's plan was directing her every step.

With time, Phel's life changed drastically. She was instrumental in caring for her family's finances and setting a good example with their improved financial situation. Her goals grew to include securing long-term clients, owning a modest yet comfortable home and car they can call their own, and exploring other potential revenue streams, such as launching a business. Moreover, she hopes to continue her career with Ripple, which has been essential in her personal development.

As she looks back on her life, Phel offers some advice to her younger self. She uses her experiences, including becoming a mother, to advocate for introspective growth before making significant life choices. Phel had two miscarriages before giving birth to her son, now known as a "rainbow baby." While motherhood is undoubtedly life-altering and precious, she believes that her younger self would have benefited more from focusing on her physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial growth. She thinks that to ensure the best future for both parties, it is crucial to focus on one's development before caring for the life of another.

A relentless pursuit of goals characterizes the life of a VAL like Phel. Besides her firm belief in God, her cherished son is her primary source of inspiration.

Phel also identified influential role models and mentors in the Ripple community, especially among the Ripple Mentors. They taught her that everyone has their maturation timeline and that taking things at your own pace is okay. Phel's mantra in life is "Do it scared until you can do it skilled," which encapsulates her willingness to face her fears and try new things. She credits her brother with helping her overcome her concerns and fully dedicate herself to completing tasks.

As the year ends, Phel muses on the most important thing she has learned this year: the importance of saying "no." The self-professed former people-pleaser has realized the value of pausing before acting and has started turning down some opportunities. Thanks to her newfound skill, she has the grit and assurance of a river that can change its path to avoid obstacles.


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