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[VA Feature] Learning is the Only Constant: Ysabel Neena Gayahan's Testimony as a Newbie VA

Ysabel Neena Gayahan is a native of Los Baños, Laguna. She graduated as an Industrial Engineering student at UP Los Baños. As a student, she enjoys joining organizations during her undergraduate years. A core memory of her being a student is when she went to Cebu to organize a student congress for IE students from all over the Philippines.

Currently, Ysabel works a full-time job alongside being a Virtual Assistant at Ripple. She worked as a Customer Success Manager before being promoted to Subject Matter Expert.

When she learned about Ripple, she had no second thoughts about her application. Aside from additional income, she saw this as an opportunity to use her free time more productively. She made use of her full-time job work-from-home arrangement to venture into the world of virtual assistance. Ysabel stated that she enjoyed graphic design and took the opportunity to place her expertise in this field.

According to her, Ripple allowed her to acquire skills that necessitate her job. It helped her hone her skills and develop new ones. With a grateful heart, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude because of the supportive management and co-workers who willingly assisted her as a newbie in the industry. Ysabel is among the newbies of the virtual assistance world who started her VA journey two months ago. As a newbie in the industry, she takes her time learning the particulars of her job.

At present, she set no timeline for her VA career. She knows she has a lot to learn in her journey and wishes to say these words to aspiring VAs, “My advice to all aspiring VAs out there is to never doubt yourself. We were all uniquely made and we are all special. Also, be open to new learnings. Most of all, be grateful for the time and skills that were given to you, and always have faith.”

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