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[VA Feature] Gernando Godino: Service with Influence

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." This is how Gernando C. Godino lives his life. He is an engaged and motivated business student with strong communication and self-motivational skills. He is also willing to work in any condition to meet the demands and satisfaction of the client or company.

Being a trustworthy, flexible, adaptable, consistent, and transparent individual makes him unique and confident in the workplace. He has an excellent work ethic since he does his research ahead of time. Despite being a 1st-Year BS Management student at the University of the Philippines Cebu, he can still accommodate his client's needs. In his spare time, he likes to read, write, exercise, and play video games, and he sees to it that there is an allotted time for work and leisure.

Another interesting fact about him is that he cannot focus if his surroundings are too silent. He is also an indoor type of person and wants to live a peaceful life. He overcame the greatest challenge of being afraid to try and commit mistakes. He is passionate about writing and designing.

He was eager to have early work experience, leading to Ripple. He wants to grasp the process immediately so that after graduating from the academe, he can fill his resume with work experience. He contributes to the company by creating better results, being transparent with the management and clients, and impressing your client with excellent outputs.

His most memorable experience with Ripple was the retreat last October 2021 because it was a life-changing event. For him, Ripple VAs has been built through the vision of God. It does not only teach you the process of how to become an excellent VA, but it also fills your heart with the gospel. The mentorship program is the soul of Ripple, and it is where outstanding VAs are created. What he means by outstanding is not just someone excellent in the freelancing industry but also eminent in the eyes of God. Ripple VAs awakened his good qualities unexpectedly and realised his self-worth and capabilities. He feels like a new person now, with new skills and mindset.

His message to other freelancers is that the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Like most freelancers, it is at the beginning of the journey where we start to doubt our capabilities, but all you have to do is trust yourself. Believe in the process that eventually you will be an excellent freelancer just like what you have envisioned yourself. Always remember that from small beginnings come great things.

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