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[VA Feature] Chrischa Marie Rosalejos on Proving Happiness as the Object of Existence

Take a moment [just] to take it in, 'cause every high and every low led to this. I'm just so glad you exist. – Glad You Exist, Dan and Shay

Chrischa Marie Rosalejos has been able to transform each lyric into something she believes it to be, thanks to the song. It has spoken to her in various ways and has been a true gift in allowing her to share her life's narrative.

"I'm just grateful that even with the challenges I have been through, I'm still here, thriving, living, and loving people immensely. I'm so glad I exist and can experience life and all the things that come with it. I'm glad I can live," she said.

When the pandemic happened, Chrischa felt like it was a break from everything in this fast-paced life. She came to appreciate how important family, friends, and time are. It drastically altered how she carried out her everyday tasks, transforming her into a person thriving with practical realities from a home-to-school lady.

Chrischa is a student at the Cebu Institute of Technology University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She considers herself a very goal-oriented woman because she believes that if she has a goal in mind, she will work tirelessly to realize it.

Chrischa remembered that although her life had been straightforward before working at Ripple VAs, something was still lacking. "I always felt like I could've used it during my free time to help others. I could've done something more than just it being free," she said.

Chrischa enjoys using her skills to help others by volunteering at various organizations. She also enjoys stepping outside her comfort zone to discover novel concepts and abilities she could pick up from others.

Currently living her dream life, Chrischa claimed that, above all else, helping her family was what she most wanted to do. And being with Ripple aided her in moving toward that goal. She could financially, physically, and spiritually support her family thanks to the company's assistance.

"Financially, I can now give my family what is lacking. Physically, I now have more time for them because of the flexibility of my work. Most of all, spiritually, I felt closer to Him and my family through Ripple," Chrischa believed.

As a VA with skills in bookkeeping, data entry, graphic designing, video editing, research, content creation, email and social media management, and much more, Chrischa explained that being a VA means connecting. She could choose any word to describe what it meant to be a VA, but right now, "connect" is the best word because "when we connect, we understand, and if we understand, we commit to helping, and if we commit, we deliver what needs to be delivered."

In five years, Chrischa saw herself improving her skills to give her clients additional value. She emphasized that Ripple had offered her a lot of chances and that she does not feel like she is working here; instead, she feels like she is with family.

Chrischa gained the confidence to try new things without fear throughout her time at Ripple. Although it is a terrifying jump, she advised that one must make it to find out what awaits them. She continued by saying she had never been frightened to attempt new things but was unsure what to do. She had an extraordinary life after jumping to Ripple!

"They took things to the next level. I could do things way outside my comfort zone; I loved it. And with this, I am immensely grateful for these experiences. Life changing!" Chrischa exclaimed.

Moreover, Chrischa shared that Ripple taught her to be grateful, kind, and honest. These three lessons sum up everything Ripple VAs have taught her far. Every time she reads the "so grateful for your lives" phrase on Skype, Chrischa always reminds herself that there is a lot in life to be thankful for and that she believes everyone has to see it.

Her mother is Chrischa's most significant source of motivation. She claimed that her mother had already done more than enough, and she merely wished to provide for her in a manner befitting her true worth. Chrischa aspires to succeed because it is all her mother's wish for her children.

Chrischa lives by the motto, "life is short." As cliche as it is, she firmly believes it is too short to spend it worrying and harboring regrets, saying, "We'll never know when our time here on earth ends; it could be a few months from now, a week later, hours from now, or even minutes from now. So, live life to the fullest and give your best!"


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