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Tips in Coaching Content Writers on how to Craft Quality Articlesfor Blogs and Websites

Worried about word count, or there is too few to write, or too many ideas to organize in a crafting an assignment, your boss assigned you to make? Don’t waste your time pondering what to do, as this task, which may seem challenging to begin, is fun and exciting. Ripple VAs provides writing techniques so you may craft beautiful and elegant content materials for a specific purpose. These are ways to make your writing better and cater to the needs of your audience.

1. Know the topic you will write and the things you need

Gather first-hand information, which includes data, experiences, interviews, opinions, and ideas related to the subject of interest. It will serve as the basis of your article.

2. Shape the main idea or the theme.

Start brainstorming ideas for the essay by writing down examples and listing everything that is essential factors to the subject. Assess and reflect the information collected and create an outline. Consider your type of audience if it is for the general public or knowledgeable readers.

Vivid descriptions will make experiences more concrete. Aside from that, organize events and ideas in chronological order to avoid confusion to your readers. The central argument should be supported using research materials or interviews.

3. Make the draft

Writers usually make rough versions of the essay. It involves creating the overall structure of the article. Create one central point for every paragraph, followed by a supporting sentence. Ideally, it should contain an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion, but drafts will vary for each writer. Once the first draft is complete, it is best to reread it and check if all the points are presented and sentences that are irrelevant to the main idea. Do not bother too much about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These will be addressed in the process of revision. After the first draft, take a break, and you can continue revising after your brain has rested.

4. Revise the draft

These drafts will be revised several times until it is perfect. It requires the writer to be more

conscious of grammar, the choice of words, and spelling. Vague points should be added with more ideas, while redundant sentences are removed. You act as the target audience, critiquing and examining the document to find lapses. You want to see if the information is clear, and its purpose meets the needs and expectations of your audience. Aside from that, the tone of voice should represent you as a writer which makes the article interesting.

5. Make the title a hook for readers.

It is the first thing your audience sees before the content. Your headline must grab the attention of the reader. It should be enticing and, if possible, appeal to the five senses. Additionally, it should be concise and should not contain difficult vocabulary. Make a few and select which one you like best.

6. Ensure the accuracy and citing of information

In the professional setting, accuracy is everything. Failure in this aspect will result in a significant decrease in the credibility of the company. People often forget that the things you write reflect the company. Thus, the things you cite must be up-to-date, reliable, and done correctly.

Now you know the writing process. These are additional things to keep in mind while writing.

a. Keep it short.

It is challenging to condense a very long paragraph into a few sentences. If possible, construct each sentence in a way that if you try to alter it, it will lose its essence because every word is essential. You have to eliminate redundant sentences or ideas that are out of context. Likewise, this keeps your article engaging and reduces the chance that your readers will be bored.

b. Create clear directions and unbiased opinions.

The content should give the ability of readers to follow the information quickly. Try to present the ideas as suggestions and not as a policy because some might get offended, be respectful. Group similar ideas in chronological order.

c. Formulate Original Content

Having originality will drastically increase the rank of the website. With its new algorithm, Google likes to feature websites with content that is different from others. It incentivizes it by making it easier for people to search for it. Having original content makes a better website, which will help your business.

d. Give the reader what they need.

With all these techniques incorporated into your writing, never forget why you are writing the

article in the first place. See to it that the information, depending on the topic, should answer any of these five basic questions: What, Why, When, Who, and How. It is also recommended that you incorporate images and videos in the article. That way, the readers can get a better grasp of the topic. After all, the people reading your post want to gain knowledge.

With these writing tips, you can now start the journey of content writing and writer’s block will not impede your performance in the workplace.


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