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The Strength of a Call to Serve is in Vision and Obedience

From unexpected encounters to becoming the foundation to serve and help provide jobs for those who need them. Ripple VA has been a lending hand to those who desire to achieve their goals and a catalyst of skills to put to good use.

One of its witnesses, Ms. Jeiame O. Omboy, also known as "Jam," who now holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Financial Management, is from Canlaon City. She is the President of Ripples of Joy Campus Ministries at Negros Oriental State University and one of the Student A-Players.

"I discovered Ripple through Ripple Management, especially Ms. Jezrel Perez (Ripple CEO); we met in 2019 when I was still in my first year of college. We were members of the ROJ ministry; Ripple did not exist then, and our seniors were still Virtual Assistants. But through their vision and obedience, Ripple came to be, and I am proud that I was a product of their compliance back then. If there wasn't evangelism in Dumaguete, we wouldn't have met, and I wouldn't know where I would be now or what I would become. Praise God for their lives", said Jeiame.

Ms. Omboy has been a training assistant at Ripple since December 2022. Ripple has helped her in various ways, allowing her to earn while learning about this industry. Another is it became an opportunity for her to be blessed by God's word as well as a chance to work.

On top of that, to earn yet still be close to God might be one of the most beautiful feelings of contentment. Jeiame encountered godly leaders who embodied genuine leadership and discovered something money could not buy. "Ripple has been a great help to my spiritual growth. It is different when surrounded by Godly leaders because they will draw you closer to God," she said.

Jeiame shared some valuable work lessons, including being aware of your circle. "Our environment matters; always be with people who can add value to your life, help you reach your maximum potential, and bring you closer to your Creator. Ripple taught me to aim to be 1% better every day," she added.

Accordingly, aiming to be better each day with the help of spiritual guidance can help a person have a reflective session with one's actions and a clear sense of right and wrong. Thus, the more reason why Ripple VA should continue is that it is not just an ordinary company but a company that transforms lives financially and spiritually. "Ripple deserves the hype and deserves to continue. I'm very excited to see how Ripple will be a few years from now; indeed, it will grow, impact more people, and make a difference, " said Jeiame.

On June 30, Ms. Omboy graduated from the said program at Negros Oriental State University-Main Campus, Dumaguete City. She was glad for the opportunity Ripple VA has given her and how it molded her into becoming a person with a clear purpose in life.

"I am forever grateful to my Ripple family. Praise God for your lives. Words can't express enough how blessed and grateful I am. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful family. Ripple, ROJ (ministry), is one of the reasons why giving up is not on my list. I am a work in progress. I learn to celebrate even small wins, believing that little progress is still progress. To our mentors, thank you. I am excited about what's ahead of us," said Jeiame.


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