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The Indomitable Spirit of Daisy Mae Adlaon: From BPO to Leading Ripple VAs

In the heart of the bustling virtual assistance industry lies a story of resilience, determination, and passion. Daisy Mae Adlaon’s story is not one of glamour and grandeur but of sheer willpower and the indomitable spirit of a woman determined to defy the odds.

Daisy's life was punctuated with challenges from the beginning. With an upbringing colored by the complexities of a broken family, Daisy candidly admits her love for her parents, "No one can ever break my love for them despite what happened nor what they did." She is a testament to her strength of character.

However, her life took an unexpected turn during her high school years. Soon, Daisy found herself navigating the challenging terrain of motherhood without the foundation of a completed education. Yet, adversity has a way of introducing us to ourselves, and for Daisy, it led her to the BPO industry where she honed her skills and discovered the strength within herself.

One of her child's condition - severe hemophilia - became a pivotal moment in her life. It forced her to introspect and redirect her career, "I was so down wanting to quit reaching out to clients. This was after going through severe anxiety and depression. I prayed and was enlightened. I asked myself, is this really what I only want for my family and settle like this? I began to dream and determined to provide a better future for my kids."

Daisy's personal life is an intricate tapestry of highs and lows. From embracing rejections and overcoming life-threatening childbirths to unwinding with Korean dramas and cherishing moments with her kids, Daisy's life paints a vivid picture of resilience.

Redefining Professional Success at Ripple VAs

Daisy's professional journey began with a referral. The allure of non-voice tasks like graphic designing and social media management drew her into the world of Ripple VAs. Here, she was not just another employee but a force to reckon with. "I was able to consistently provide for my family’s needs and wants. I was able to secure a car loan and slowly build a small office in my parent’s lot," she recounts with pride.

Her skills, a blend of self-learning and mentorship, have positioned her as a unique VAL in Ripple VAs. While Daisy takes joy in the appreciation from her clients, her leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in her past experiences, "I’m on the stage now where I want to fulfill what I was supposed to have accomplished."

Daisy envisions a bright future for the world of virtual assistance. With technological advancements and the continuous evolution of the industry, she believes that the business of virtual assistance has the potential to be "endless," changing lives for the better.

A Legacy of Grit and Grace

While Daisy doesn't seek fame, her journey is bound to inspire many. Her advice for those aspiring in the world of virtual assistance is as genuine as her journey, "Believe in yourself and be determined to achieve your goals."

If she could go back in time, Daisy would advise her younger self to complete her BSIT course, recognizing its value today. Yet, despite the hurdles she faced, Daisy's legacy in the Ripple VAs community and the broader virtual assistance industry is clear: A mother, a VAL, and a beacon of hope and determination.

In Daisy's own words, "Fear is everywhere, just have the courage to overcome it." Through the tapestry of her life, Daisy Mae Adlaon stands as a testament to this philosophy, echoing the resilience of countless women who brave the odds every day.


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