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[SUCCESS STORY] From a Dead Broke Student to a VA Building Success in Her Favor

For Alexandra Marie Beniga, success is subjective. Some may find her achievements or success futile, but she pays them no mind. She keeps on moving forward. "The fact that I was not where I was months ago is a big win or massive success for me," she said.

Alexandra was a full-time student lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic before she worked at Ripple VAs. At the time, her family's modest income became increasingly precarious. Her health also deteriorated. She was not doing well and realized she had to break free from her monotonous routine. Had she not joined Ripple, Alexandra said she may still be a full-time Science student doing her best to finish her studies to become a researcher.

Taking that experience at heart, Alexandra realized that progress would only happen if one attempted to do something new. Trying new things not only allowed her to overcome her concerns but also broadened her horizons and learn – both about the new item and herself. Then there was the rush!

"It does not have to be a significant change; just small, consistent steps will do. Pray, trust the Lord for his plans, and do your best to enact them," she advised.

Setting the scene for freelancing success.

Alexandra, a rookie to the field, previously worried that she would not be able to handle the tasks assigned to her or that she would screw them up. With the help of the management, she learned to consider tasks accomplished for her clients or at Ripple a success.

Alexandra shared that her experiences revealed Ripple VAs as an instrument that helped her turn her small belief in herself into something bigger – like a wave ripple. She said it is more than a company; it is a digital sanctuary where everyone encourages each other.

"At first, the testimonials on the website might be exaggerated. Once I became part of Ripple, I understood why it feels like a family here," Alexandra expressed.

Moreover, Alexandra's experiences impacted the decisions she makes today so that she became more confident yet grounded in reality. She continued that she is still a dreamer or idealist. She said she often daydreams about things, but when it comes to tangible projects, she has to be logical about them.

"Now, I know which skills and aspects of me I have to channel to accomplish a task. My weaknesses can be strengths if used properly," Alexandra added.

A different person today, Alexandra, shared that her success at Ripple made her more connected to society. She needed to be more empathic to find what skills and services she could offer to the VA industry. She had also found a better frame of mind for success. Regardless of how it ended, finishing what she started provided a significant amount of happiness and a sense of success.

"If it is successful, then it is a victory. If it is a failure, it is still a success in learning," Alexandra stressed.

Asked whose career inspires her and why, Alexandra said the people she sees on VA groups on Facebook or even on Ripple motivated her to continue aiming for the stars. She admired people who managed to do their best despite all the workload and personal load they carried.

"I try to find inspiration in the mundane day-to-day interactions because I feel like inspiration is a short-lived feeling, like a bonus to keep you going. So, I try to find inspiration anywhere and randomly," Alexandra uttered.

Alexandra’s success habit is maintaining her growth mindset by reading books, learning new things, resting if needed, and, of course, taking care of her health and well-being.

"I am my biggest cheerleader and critic. I assign small goals for the day and significant goals for the week or month. If they are achieved, I cheer on every progress," she ended.


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