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STUDENT VA Feature: Jovilyn Augis on Growth beyond Comfort and Fear

“Working in Ripple pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. The spiritual and professional growth I experienced in Ripple helped me become more confident as a leader and as a student.” As a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs, Jovilyn Augis chose the working student life to expand her horizons, gain more skills, and be equipped with more capabilities.

Jovilyn is a graduating student at Quezon City University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She has been with Ripple VAs as an executive and marketing virtual assistant for seven (7) months already.

At first, the idea of working while studying never crossed the mind of Jovilyn. However, since the pandemic happened, things became different. “I felt stuck and doubted my capabilities, knowledge, and even my existence. But instead of drowning myself with these thoughts, I pursued the next best thing for me — gain work experience and earn to have savings at the same time”, she said.

Although not planning to be a virtual assistant at the get-go, Jovilyn is now enjoying this turn events as she works as a content creator and social media manager for several of her clients. She now enjoys her work doing what she loves while learning more about different tools and tasks. For Jovilyn, she feels a sense of fulfillment as she sees inspiration and her purpose in life little by little, thanks to Ripple VAs’ management and the company’s mentorship program.

Being a VA and student at the same time helped her gain confidence when it comes to speaking and made her realize that she does not have to rush things in life. While working with clients across the globe, she met diverse people from different backgrounds and ages. This taught her that everyone has a story to tell and everyone has a different timeline.

This 22-year old working student allocates her day to study and attend classes while the night is mostly for work and rest. This structured and well-balanced schedule allowed her to fulfill her academic requirements while also catering to the needs of her clients. Even as a student, she is now able to pay for her school expenses, treat her family to a vacation, and save for her future.

“Everything can be done when you put your mind over matter”, Jovilyn shared, “so do not let fear consume you”.

Jovilyn mentions that being part of Ripple VAs allowed her to be more proactive and be more accountable in everything she does in life. She also learned a lot, including the latest tools online and the vast potential available to everyone in the virtual assistance industry.

For Jovilyn, her most victorious student VA moment would be everytime she sees her clients meet their goals and grow their business with her help. Every time this happens, she cannot help but rejoice with them.

Being a VA and student at the same made her reassess her life and her priorities. Jovilyn shared that she is forever thankful to Ripple VAs for allowing her to develop her skills and talents as early as now. She has been a witness a transition and growth in her life that helped her gain immense knowledge and breakthroughs in all aspects.

Jovilyn shared an advice to all students working in the freelancing industry: “Enjoy the learning season and practice what you have learned from both. It might be hard at first but it’s all worth it. Do not let fear stop you from making a step towards your goalsand most importantlydon’t forget to give back and ask God for guidance.”

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