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Student VA Feature: Jan Dale on Discovery, Learning, and Growth

For Jan Dale Carlo Catalonia, learning theoretical concepts at school and practicing them firsthand at work is the best combination possible. As a working student of Ripple VAs — discovery, learning, and growth are all parts of his journey toward excellence.

Jan, a Business Administration Major in Marketing Management student of Cebu Institute of Technology-University, is currently the Associate Internal Marketing Officer of Ripple VAs. He is also using his skills to assist a total of nine active clients of the company. He has built a rhythm between his work and studies as time passes.

Now, let’s take a glimpse of this dynamic flow that has brought out the best in him in the company for two years now.

Right now, life as a VA and a student is worthwhile and fun for Jan. He eyes it as a remarkable journey since the knowledge he gains in the academe as a marketing student is coupled with practical experiences as a marketing and specialist virtual assistant to several clients in Ripple VAs.

As a 21-year-old hardworking individual and a Presidential Scholar at his university, Jan chose to work while studying because he wants to prepare himself financially against unforeseen circumstances and grow professionally with the craft he is taking.

Jan admits that the juggling of responsibilities is a familiar scene for him as he has grown accustomed to simultaneous roles in organizations and endeavors he is part of. He does not only deliver the tasks, but he also does them with uncompromising quality and excellence. For Jan, proper task management has become easier thanks to his experiences and background. This is why Jan still excels in the VA world while serving his constituents as the President of his university’s student government.

“I can keep going amidst all of these because I am fueled by my passion for serving, the pursuit of excellence, and desire to equip myself with more professional skills and competencies,” Jan shared.

Jan initially took up Accountancy and was consistently at the top of his class, but after two years, he decided to shift to his current course now, Marketing Management, because he wanted his academic competencies to be translated into his professional success. Right now, Jan admits that his earnings are above the average salary and that he has experienced financial breakthroughs because of it. He is now able to help out with their expenses at home, finance his education, and provide for his needs.

Above all the things Jan has encountered in his work, the most victorious moment is whenever his clients show their appreciation of his outputs not just to him but also to his clients’ friends and networks.

“Thankfully, Ripple allows a flexible work schedule, making everything convenient for me. Blessed by the Lord, all of my clients are also understanding, and all of them permitted me to work flexibly,” Jan shared.

In both working and studying at home, Jan admits that he cannot put a boundary between them sometimes, but as long he is steadfast on what needs to be prioritized first, he is confident that his journey toward discovery, learning, and growth is going to be a focused and exceptional ride.


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