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Sales Prospecting through the Prospectors' Lens

Doing hard work in the background, sales prospectors are in the company’s first line of operation.

When people think about a business, the spotlight mainly focuses on the people who make the actual clients stay. While that’s the ultimate goal: To be consistent and to keep them interested, there is one aspect in a company that is responsible for attracting clients in the first place — sales prospecting.

Sales prospecting is the process of creating a connection between a potential client and the company’s products or services. It is reaching out to prospects on what the business can offer and making a productive ground for both parties moving forward. This is the first step, and it is an important one. It requires strategic thinking to find prospects, excellent communication skills to keep the line of connection going, and the drive to keep finding clients despite adversities and competitions.

Being a sales prospector means upholding the goal of constantly attracting prospects, and the prospectors in Ripple VAs can attest to that.

For almost two years now, Jazel Perez shared her list of things that need to be done as the first contact of potential clients. Creating a list of ideal clients from different niches, sending message templates that don’t sound too pushy, actively working on warm leads, and sending relevant content to prospects—these are just some of the responsibilities a sales prospector, like Jazel, does. Ensuring that no stone has been left unturned, she makes sure to always follow-up.

Jazel also sees to it that she attains her strategies, so she stays on track. Here are her go-to-guide in prospecting leads:

Consistency counts. Having a goal and sticking to it will keep prospecting aligned. Finding and listing prospects daily is Jazel’s first strategy. She makes sure that every day, she gets prospects that will potentially avail the company’s services. Indeed, when productive days of an employee add up, they become productive years for the entire company.

Respond to prospects as soon as possible. Remember that in gaining the attention and interest of potential clients, attentive approaches must be given first. Responding eagerly and swiftly to the prospects means the sales prospector is invested in the communication and that the clients have the full and undivided regard. With this, the prospector will eventually get the signal from the prospect.

Don’t just sell. Nurture work relationships over time. Business is a number’s game, but that does not mean forgetting to build valuable connections. When establishing prospects, it is essential to know where the clients are coming from, what they need, and how they can fulfill their need for assistance. Don’t just aim for what the business can get out of the opportunity but also for meaningful work relationships.

Jazel shared that when she started working as a sales prospector, she found it challenging as she initially didn’t have the guts to communicate and convince prospects. These humble beginnings of hers led to where she is now, a sales prospector who is not just selling the company's services but also cultivating relationships with the clients she meets.

Like Jazel, there is also a sales prospector in Ripple VAs who thinks that being part of this line of work is a great opportunity.

Hazel Cabante, one of Ripple’s sales prospectors for three months now, shared that the company has been such a support system when she is doing her tasks. She said that Ripple VAs had provided generosity in training and materials that need to be used in sales prospecting.

She expresses that sales prospecting is vital in the company’s operation since it can provide a more comprehensive view of the clients in need of the products and services. She said that it is more of an introduction between the business and the customer. With this, Hazel also has her share of tips on how to tread in the world of prospecting:

Sending messages as many as possible. Along with establishing the right niche and interests of the prospects, the quantity of how many clients being reached out to per day is important knowing that the business world is competitive. Coupled with other strategic approaches, arriving and engaging sooner with prospects will secure your spot among the wide selection.

Being available. Similar to promptly responding to clients, the prospector’s availability for their leads will send out a signal that the company is actually interested in working with them and is keen to turn these leads into actual clients. Through an accessible sales prospector, prospects are assured that the company will always be there for them.

Thorough explanation. The intention must be clear before starting a deal. A rundown of what the prospect might dive into is not enough. It must be meticulously done. When the introduction of the services is coherent, there will be a smooth line of communication, which would give a higher probability of booking the prospect.

Sales prospecting is an integral part of keeping the business going. With the combination of a concise yet efficient sales pitch, engaging communication skills, and highly competitive services, sales prospectors really deserve to be on the first line of operation.


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