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Ripple VAs concludes the Leadership Immersion Camp 2023

The Leadership Immersion Camp (LIC) 2023, an event organized by Ripple VAs, recently concluded with resounding success. This transformative retreat, designed to empower and inspire leaders, took place from July 22nd to 28th at the tranquil LifePlace Retreat and Event Center, in Patutong Malaki North, Alfonso, Cavite.

Echoing the camp's core objectives, Jezrel Perez, CEO of Ripple VAs, emphasized the fusion of faith and leadership. "The Leadership Immersion Camp, as its theme indicates, is a faith-fueled voyage for all of Ripple's Multipliers. It's a culmination of the vision as we are about to sail beyond limits. We are an unstoppable force because we have an unstoppable God," said Perez.

The CEO expressed the unified spirit of the Ripple community, highlighting its identity as a collective body of faith. "We are not just a community of bold leaders, but we are a united body of Christ, a church, and a people of God ready to be bolder in our faith and our walk with God," Perez added.

Throughout the retreat, attendees were immersed in a range of workshops, team-building activities, and inspirational talks, all aimed at fostering personal growth and developing leadership skills. The camp embodied Ripple VAs' mission of creating a positive ripple effect, not just in their professional lives, but also in their personal faith journeys.

This faith-based approach to leadership formation sets the LIC apart, aligning leadership skills with deep-rooted spiritual values. Perez affirmed, "We will create WAVES of impact in every life we encounter. As we send off every tribe, we send them off as warriors and conquerors, ready to multiply success, equipping, relationships, visions, impact, network, and Good News. We are ready to Boldly SERVE."

The camp’s picturesque location offered a perfect blend of serene environment and learning facilities to create an ideal setting for deep introspection, engaging discussions, and professional networking. This amalgamation of physical and spiritual nourishment worked to enhance the overall impact of the retreat, fostering a holistic approach to leadership.

With LIC 2023, Ripple VAs has again demonstrated its commitment to empowering leaders and communities alike. This commitment is aligned with the organization's dedication to creating a positive ripple effect, nurturing leaders who impact their communities, businesses, and teams, all while grounding their leadership in faith.

As Ripple VAs continues its mission, more programs and initiatives fostering leadership and personal development are to be expected. For more details about upcoming events and offerings, visit the Ripple VAs website.

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