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Ripple Scholarship Program to Build Next Generation of Student Leaders

In every generation, there exist some remarkable students who distinguish themselves, illuminating the road to excellence and expanding the horizons of success. But here at Ripple, we are looking for individuals who have a natural curiosity, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a steadfast commitment to making a difference. With our academic mission as a guiding principle, we are aiming to provide support and encouragement to stellar students who possess a deep aspiration to pursue personal growth and educational advancement through our scholarship offer.

Ripple Scholarship offers many advantages, such as financial aid, developing practical skills, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities within Ripple's ecosystem. This holistic support system attempts to create an environment where scholars can flourish, grow, and make a lasting impact on themselves and their community.

Benefits of a Ripple Scholar

A ripple scholarship is like no other. It does not only grant financial aid but also provides a mentorship session tailored to improve the scholar’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state. This session has helped previous scholars such as Jayle Canoy and Kimberly Bionson, a philosophy and business management major, respectively, from Bukidnon State University (BukSU), to overcome stress brought about by academic burdens.

Aside from the mentorship, Ripple also requires scholars to submit a monthly project and output supervised by the management. This is because Ripple aims to unleash the full potential of a generation of scholars who continue to redefine what it means to be a lifelong learner. Our scholarship will not only help a student succeed in academia but, at the same time, provide them with the opportunity for real-world experience with guidance, which allows them to practice and acquire skills before setting foot in the practical world.

Championing Lifelong Experience

Ripple has taken a bold stance by championing the lifelong experiences of its scholars. By recognizing that wisdom knows no age, we have developed a holistic approach to empower individuals at any stage of life. We are committed to extending a hand that goes beyond financial assistance. The scholarship aims to help our scholars thrive academically, professionally, and personally, ensuring they make the most of their educational journey.

After extending the scholarship to six students, all from BukSU, Negros Oriental State University, and the University of the Philippines, Cebu, in 2022, we are excited to announce that for the year 2023, Ripple is finally looking for students in the nation to be awarded the scholarship. We, at Ripple, believe that while these exceptional students embark on their educational journeys, they are breaking barriers, motivating us to create more avenues of hope for the needy, along with faith in God, and more importantly, inspiring the generations to come.

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