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Ripple Onboarding: Kickstarting The Right Way

Onboarding is the process of incorporating new employees into a company or an organization. It is deemed a severe and crucial step in the corporate industry as it is the company's starting point in orienting new members.

In Ripple VAs, onboarding is done efficiently with a twist of fun and enjoyment.

The Purpose

Ripple’s Onboarding mainly introduces new virtual assistants to the company — where it is now and what path it is heading — without compromising the lightness of meeting new workmates.

The Onboarding Department aims to help new VAs learn Ripple's vision ever since its establishment and align their work values with the company. The process includes Ripple’s goals and initiatives to bring positive changes to the community.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

According to the Chief Onboarding Officer, Apple Libo-on, the usual first measure of Ripple’s Onboarding is a screening step with the Recruitment Officer. The new applicants need to pass the interview and undergo training. After a successful training, they will be introduced to Apple, hop on a scheduled call with her, and discuss the company’s goals, mission, vision, rules, and regulations.

A Touch of High Spirits

“Fun and enjoyable, mainly because I always make it to a point to have a light call,” this is what Apple shared about the common feedback of the VAs during the onboarding process.

Ripple Onboarding is not the typical rigid approach of introducing new employees. With the Onboarding Officer as the focal person between the newly hired VAs and the company’s community, creating an open and friendly space is essential to make the work more engaging and stress-free.

Established Relationship at the Get-Go

The first encounters are the most crucial ones. That’s why in Ripple VAs, introducing new employees has to be as beneficial for both parties as possible.

Right from the beginning, the new VAs would have a strengthened interpersonal relationship brought by a welcoming approach from the Onboarding Department. Strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace create strong awareness towards the company goals, especially in working with clients and accepting feedback for improvement.

According to Apple, the company culture that Ripple Onboarding has cultivated is the engagement between the company and its VAs.

As the process integrates more new employees, the department has been confident in providing an established and healthy working connection since day one. Meanwhile, Apple disclosed that the next step of the Onboarding Department is to provide a more streamlined process moving forward.


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