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RIPPLE NEWS: Training Dep’t eyes Digital Marketing Automation drill for tenured VAs

To teach VAs about automating clients’ businesses and other activities, Ripple VAs’ Training Department works on launching a Digital Marketing Automation (DMA) training for tenured VAs beginning the third week of May 2022.

The said training results in last year’s survey of the company’s talents by Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez, wherein most VAs responded that they want to learn about automation.

In a message, Training Department Head Jayne Caranto says only tenured VAs, or those who have worked at least six months in Ripple, can participate in the said training, highlighting that they have to provide their Certificate of Employment as proof.

“Once interested VAs pay the training fee, they can set the schedule at a date and time they wish. I will adjust to their schedule instead,” Caranto states.

Caranto bares that the DMA training would be more skill-based, unlike their previous drills on Kajabi and Kartra that are tool-based.

“They will be exposed to different tools used for automation. That way, they will know the skill and can apply it to any tool presented to them,” Caranto says.

Caranto adds that she will teach more about the automation principles so that VAs can proceed with any tool without her direct help.

As a fairly new department that sprang in December 2021, Caranto hopes to prepare all VAs with the tools and skills necessary to perform high-quality and productive work.

When asked about how they will execute the DMA training, Caranto shares that it will be self-paced and piloted virtually.

Presently, Caranto is building the syllabus and the curriculum around the DMA training and targets to launch it this month.

Caranto also reports that their department’s concurrent New VAs Training Program has been stable and now has CRP VAs from the satellite offices trained in various skills to bolster an effective service to Ripple's customers.

For tenured VAs, she maintains that they have the option to upgrade their skills by joining the department’s activities.

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