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RIPPLE NEWS: SOWing Sessions and Leadership Immersion Camp (LIC) 2023

Ripple VAs and their incredible journey to become something completely different this year, 2023. It has been five years since its humble beginnings as a virtual assistance agency. Now, it has blossomed into a virtual assistant leadership (VAL) company where the seeds of bolder leadership are sown and nurtured.

The VAL Revolution: SOWing Bold Leadership

As part of its commitment to empowering leaders, Ripple VAs has made it a core value to develop and support future leaders through its weekly mentorship sessions, which it has rebranded as SOWING Sessions (the acronym stands for Serve, Obey, Wins – Items Need Gameplan). Like trained gardeners tending to a bountiful harvest, SOWING captures one thing: an invitation to embrace the noblest qualities of transformational leadership.

Ripple VAS believes Serving others signifies the fertile soil that nourishes growth, while Obedience to God becomes the sun that illuminates the path ahead. As Ripple sows the seeds of change, it witnesses the blossoming of Wins that transcend material and earthly gains, nurturing a spiritual joy that springs from knowing it has uplifted others.

This shift is a significant milestone in Ripple VAs' path to becoming a leadership-driven company, providing its team with a firm foundation in biblical leadership concepts. Mentoring programs at Ripple VAs are designed to instill these traits in their mentees so that they can grow into strong servant leaders capable of effecting positive change in their respective domains.

Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez and her exceptional A-Players, Shana Manzano, Melvie Ayacaide,v Cathlene Ayacaide, and Stella Geraldez, are leading the now centralized SOWING Sessions. SOWING hopes that the leadership and spiritual growth skills taught during these sessions will potentially impact the company's VALs.

Moreover, the SOWING sessions symbolize planting new seeds in the professional and personal lives of the VALs who make up Ripple VAs. It evolves into an action plan demonstrating its dedication to this revolutionary change. After participating in these sessions, VALs will have the tools to encourage their clients to become agents of positive change in their communities via bolder, Christ-centered leadership.

Symphony of Leadership: LIC 2023 Unveiled

And today, having established its mission in the Word of God and standing at the threshold of possibilities, Ripple VAs announces the forthcoming Leadership Immersion Camp (LIC) 2023 with great pride, an intensive event designed to release the latent leadership potential in all who dare to participate.

Imagine a soaring eagle flying through the vast expanse of the sky; its wings outstretched in grace and power. LIC is a transformative gathering designed to be the wind beneath the wings of budding leaders, propelling them to new heights of influence and impact. It is a place of spiritual significance where self-improvement and leadership development constellations dance together. By immersing themselves in this experience, participants will discover the true essence of leadership and gain the tools and insights needed to create a ripple effect of change in their communities.

Behind the curtains of LIC 2023 stands a collective of seasoned leadership mentors, coaches, trainers, and visionary thinkers. These luminaries share a common belief in the power of impact. Led by the guiding light of Jez and her A-Players again, Shana, Melvie, Cathlene, and Stella, LIC promises an immersive experience crafted by those who understand that leadership is a symphony conducted by hearts ablaze with purpose. Together, they are the architects of transformation, dedicated to nurturing leaders who embody the essence of servant leadership and spread its luminosity to the farthest corners of the world.

Regardless of one's role or industry, whether they lead a team, an organization, or simply their own life, LIC 2023 will equip them with the tools and insights needed to make a meaningful difference. Through workshops, team-building activities, soul-stirring inspirational talks, and personal reflection time, participants will embark on self-discovery, growth, and leadership development. The camp's essence lies in its ability to generate positive and transformative ripples that extend far beyond the camp itself. LIC will empower participants to be catalysts for change in their spheres of influence by fostering personal growth and leadership development.


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