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RIPPLE NEWS: ROJ scholarship program advances to phase 2, clarifies successful candidates

In a recent announcement, Ripples of Joy (ROJ) invited successful candidates from the phase 1 selection process to undergo an online interview with the Top Multipliers via Zoom last Aug. 1, 2023.

“The stories and the aspirations you shared with us have truly inspired us and we are really excited to hear more about it in the next Phase,” ROJ said in the email.

ROJ also included a link directing candidates to join a group chat, “Ripple of Joy-Scholars’ Hub,” in Messenger.

Many candidates entered the group chat. However, ROJ sent a subsequent email notifying them of the new interview communication protocol.

“The previously mentioned Messenger Group Chat (GC) is now obsolete, and we kindly request all applicants not to join or use it for any further interactions,” they said.

This is to ensure the “commitment to streamlining communications and ensuring efficiency” with the candidates.

ROJ noted the following key points of the protocol: communication channels, email monitoring, confirmation and response, and confidentiality and privacy.

“We believe that this new communication approach will streamline the process and offer a more convenient and efficient experience for all applicants,” ROJ said. “By adhering to this protocol, we aim to ensure that no important communication is missed or overlooked,” they added.

For any inquiries or additional information, candidates are encouraged to reach out to the team directly at


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