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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripples of Joy student grant: 3rd phase selection underway

Ripple VAs is currently in the process of advancing to the pivotal third phase of its exclusive scholarship recruitment for the Ripples of Joy (ROJ) Scholarship Program.

Scheduled for next week, this progression reflects Ripple's dedication to uplifting underprivileged yet deserving students, offering not only financial support but also nurturing essential leadership skills and values for academic and professional success.

According to Chief Ministry Officer (CMO) Stella Geraldez, the journey to the third phase commenced with an impressive response from over 140 students who completed the scholarship application's initial phase.

Geraldez mentioned that the company thoroughly reviewed these applications, narrowing the field to those who clearly demonstrated their visions, aspirations, and plans to make a positive impact in their chosen fields of study.

As the recruitment process advanced, successful candidates proceeded to the second phase, where they received email notifications, paving the way for the upcoming third phase of interviews.

Geraldez shared that this interview phase is expected to be a pivotal moment for the candidates, during which they will interact with Ripple VAs' top management, including CEO Jezrel Perez, representatives from the A-Players, and the ROJ president.

While the initial goal was to offer scholarships to 100 students, the rigorous application process ensures that applicants are well-informed about the perks, privileges, conditions, and expectations associated with the scholarship. This transparency enables candidates to make informed decisions about continuing with the program.

Geraldez expressed that the enthusiasm surrounding the scholarship program is intense, with A-Players, Multipliers, and other affiliates of Ripple VAs eagerly awaiting the application stages.

This eagerness arises because the company has also welcomed referrals from its team members; however, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to a fair and inclusive recruitment process.

Leadership perks for chosen scholars

As the company leans toward bolder leadership with a biblical perspective, they are looking to their scholars for leadership training, setting this scholarship program apart from previous initiatives.

Geraldez explained that the student applicants, despite their youth, already possess the vision and potential to make significant contributions to the industry; thus, they should not be hindered by their age but rather cultivated for leadership.

She mentioned that scholars in the program can look forward to specific offerings, including mentorship sessions known as the Ripple Sowing Sessions.

These sessions actively prepare these students for their young professional careers, with the goal of transforming them into confident and influential leaders.

Moreover, financial support is provided to scholars each semester in their studies, contingent on maintaining good academic standing.

As of press time, the final selections for the scholarship program are eagerly anticipated and continue to generate excitement and hope among students eager to embark on their journey with the company.


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