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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs transitions onboarding procedures to pre-integration calls, introduces...

Starting last week, Virtual Assistant Leaders (VALs) at Ripple VAs now have access to a new pre-integration process designed to help them adhere to the company's bolder leadership vision.

To better serve clients, the company's new process involves significant changes to the onboarding system that had been in place previously.

Apple Gee Libo-on, Ripple VAs' Chief Onboarding Officer, said the new pre-integration process highlights pre-integration calls for aspiring and current VALs, teaching them what they need to know about the company's revamped operations and values.

These calls are conducted by the top management of Ripple VAs and held on the platforms preferred by the VALs, ensuring the company's adaptability to their needs.

Libo-on explained that the pre-integration calls differ from the previous onboarding processes in many significant ways, the most notable being the separation of some document processing functions.

By doing so, the onboarding process is simplified, and VALs can focus more on learning the skills they need to perform their bolder roles well.

Additionally, the evaluation of the criteria or qualifications that establish VAL eligibility becomes the responsibility of a different department, ensuring a smooth transition between roles, such as moving from VALs to becoming Multipliers.

Ripple VAs spreads awareness of VALs and Multipliers through vision casting. Since announcing its bolder vision, Ripple VAs has provided extensive resources and support mechanisms to foster the expansion and maturation of VALs.

These tools, training, and support are accessible both before VALs are integrated and as they develop into Multipliers.

To increase interest in and engagement with the pre-integration process among team members, the company emphasizes the significance of these responsibilities and the potential benefits of participating.

Libo-on added that both current VALs of the company and prospective VALs from other virtual assistant platforms are welcome to participate in the pre-integration process.

The sole requirement is to make contact with the top management to begin the review and discussion process.

Although the pre-integration process is still in its infancy, Libo-on said they have not yet faced any significant obstacles but guaranteed that they are constantly evolving.

In the future, Ripple VAs hopes to further develop and improve the pre-integration procedure. This target is part of its long-term strategy to increase both client satisfaction and VAL performance.


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