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Ripple News: Ripple VAs Revolutionizes Client Referral Program with New Affiliate Marketer Software

Ripple VAs has recently launched its Affiliate Marketer Software, a cutting-edge tool designed to automate and streamline the company's client referral program. The move is part of the company's ongoing mission to create a "BOLDER" vision for the future, according to AJ Mamitag, Ripple VAs' Chief Client Success Officer.

The Affiliate Marketer Software enables clients to become affiliate marketers for Ripple VAs by creating an account and receiving a unique referral link. This link can then be shared with potential referrals, simplifying the referral process and automating the tracking of incentives. Mamitag highlights the benefits of the software, saying it "will help us say goodbye to the manual tracking of referral, creating a referral code, and also creating claim slip for their incentive."

In addition to streamlining referral management, the Affiliate Marketer Software promises to expand Ripple VAs' reach and visibility, as clients-turned-affiliate-marketers promote the company's services. This innovative approach to marketing is expected to generate a more extensive network for Ripple VAs, in line with the company's "BOLDER" vision for the year.

Though the Affiliate Marketer Software has only been active for two weeks, Mamitag reports that there have been no risks or downsides detected so far. While the software's compatibility with other marketing tools and platforms has not been extensively tested, Mamitag remains confident that integration would be possible if necessary.

As Ripple VAs continues to push boundaries and strive for bold innovation, the launch of the Affiliate Marketer Software serves as a prime example of the company's commitment to growth and expansion. Mamitag emphasizes that this is just the beginning: "This is one of the biggest projects we have in Ripple VAs. In line with the declaration of Ripple VAs this year which is BOLDER, the Affiliate Marketer Software is just one of the many BOLDER things to look out for this year."

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