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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs goes ‘extra mile’ by hosting weekly webinars

To reach people with valuable content, Ripple VAs launched a four-part webinar series called MILE Program as a result of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jezrel Perez’s desire for growth in 2022.

Since October 12, the MILE Program has been organized weekly to relay inputs, lessons, and free coaching for Marketing, Infrastructure, Leadership, Efficiency, and Economy themes.

“We always say that we must go the extra mile, and with that, this program was born as Ripple's success frame [in the four years of operations],” Shana Manzano, Officer-in-Charge (OIC) CEO of General Operations, said.

Manzano explained that MILE Program’s first theme, Marketing, focuses on how Ripple VAs can further streamline its internal and external marketing processes.

On the other hand, Infrastructure, the second theme, projected investing in tailored tools for the company.

“We started with manual systems and processes and acknowledged the lack of tools. However, we will be scaling this year by investing in tools,” Manzano stressed.

Manzano added that the company would focus on strengthening its leadership by raising more godly and biblical leaders, thus the third theme, Leadership.

“Leadership is the umbrella of the entire structure. Once this is accomplished, everything else will follow,” Manzano furthered.

Fourthly, to support Ripple’s marketing, infrastructure, and leadership growth, Manzano said it must restructure the direction of its expenses and, all the more, focus on income-generating activities without compromising the company's vision, thus the Efficiency and Economy.

Manzano said the MILE Program leads to Ripple's growth in the four areas highlighted, which also affects the company’s ministry.

Ripple officially launched the MILE Program just this month, featuring its first-ever talk on October 14 on “Breaking the Myths about Digital Marketing” by the company’s Chief Service Desk Officer, Jayne Caranto.

The second webinar continued on October 17, introducing Manzano’s conversation on the “Intro to Infrastructure in the Business Arena.”

Manzano noted that the webinar series was Perez’s vision passed on to the Internal Content and Marketing Team for implementation.

Ripple’s department heads were tasked to host and execute the weekly program, which will continue even after its fourth part in October.

“There will be more [series of] webinars to follow each structure which will tackle more detailed topics,” Manzano confirmed.


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