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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs commemorates Bolder LGS 2.0

"As we worked hard and pushed our abilities to the limit to make our success to happen, you proved during our training that you’re an amazing Bolder LGS (Lead Generation Specialist) leader and one of the most passionate people in our field," said Chief Lead Generation Officer Jennifer Asman as she opened the graduation ceremony in her congratulatory speech.

With the theme "Unlocking Boundless Opportunities: Embrace the Future of Lead Generation with Virtual Assistant Leaders," trainees of the 2.0 Bolder LGS completed their 5-day Bolder Lead Generation Specialist Training on Thursday, June 22.

The ceremony aims to recognize the involvement of the LGS trainees in making the 5-day training possible.

Among the LGS graduates were Ana Mirambel, Anne Salazar, Angelika Calimposan, Apple Prieto, April Moner, Belinda Caperoso, Blessie Taberna, Cabelle Cabalda, Cathlene Ayacaide, Christy Rubin, Claire Quiapo, Clarize Villanueva, Cyd Batalon, Danele Manzano, Danieve Almero, Daryl Aldrix Briones, Elenah Salen, Ellen Laurente, Franchezka Salvador, Gladen Chavez, Gethel Dalaguit-Halvorsen, Glaiza Espina, Glendy Lozada, Jazel Perez, Jeayann Garcellano, Jonathan Abrina, Joseph Monteroyo, Joshua Grimaldo, Julie Aguila, Kenneth Alcover, Kenny Dacanay, Leona Flores, Lovely Machica, Maria Lerias, Marinelle Atad, Mely Melitar, Patricia Justiniano, Phoelyn April Lopez, Quinzelle Pabuaya, Resyl Noynay, Rian Quisel, Sai Ong, Shiena Sapon, Ysabel Gayahan, and Yvonne Loquinte.

Meanwhile, Particia Justiniano was awarded the Bolder LGS special award with the most number of quality leaders gathered.

Chief Executive Officer Jez Perez graced the last part of the ceremony by delivering her talk on "What’s Next From Here?"

Perez said that she will assign the LGS graduates into five-member teams for the partnership call. She will be discussing with them the partnership options as well as providing LGS kits.

"That’s just going to be a 30-minute or an hour call, perhaps."

"This opportunity is something we are offering to you on a partnership level… With that, there may be some sensitive information we have to cover kasi it’s partner to partner na," said Perez.

LGS graduates are expected to be leaders of the next generation of lead generation specialists in Ripple VAs.

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