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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple Digital Products

Ripple introduces its new line of services, Ripple Digital Products, that caters to aspiring brands and business owners.

Catalyst Virtual Solutions is the producer of Ripple Digital Products. The various digital templates, such as eBooks, sales pages, social media, and other marketing templates, were created for clients who sought to increase their brands' visibility and utilize them in online marketing campaigns.

With Ripple Digital Products, you can learn how to expand your online shop without hiring an expensive designer. Plus, you can save time and get closer to building your dream company with completely customizable templates. You no longer need to settle for mediocre designs. Expanding your internet presence and building a strong brand is simpler than ever.

This new website was launched on August 18, 2022, and led by CEO Ma. Hanna Caraig. She serves as the Ripple VAs Batangas Office's Satellite Managing Director.

Ms. Caraig assures Ripple Digital Products that in the future, they can incorporate digital products for virtual assistants as well, so they can use the templates for their customers. The partnership between Catalyst Virtual Solutions and Ripple VAs will continue in the foreseeable future.

To access Ripple Digital Products, you can go to and search under shop in the products tab. From there, you can browse the variety of services that Ripple offers.

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