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RIPPLE NEWS: Perez debunks myths on Resilient Leadership

In view of the company's declaration for bolder leadership in 2023, Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez debunked myths about "resilience" and shared inputs on how she leads the company during the February 24 episode of "Bolder Talk."

The company's "Bolder Talk" initiative started in February of this year, highlighting daily leadership principles and inputs twisted from the letters A to Z. As of this writing, the company has now stretched to the 18th letter, R, thus revealing the word "resilience."

In her message, Perez laid bare that resilience is a process rather than a dispositional quality or a personality trait, emphasizing that it develops through conscious effort and training rather than being a fixed feature of one's character.

Perez, elaborating on the inner workings of Ripple, said that the company taught its VAs to be resilient by allowing them to see past and appreciate setbacks and challenges and enjoy them rather than praying them away.

"We do not pray to God to remove the challenges we will [encounter] for [that] week. We only pray that whatever challenges we may encounter here at Ripple, let it be that God will give us resilience, the ability to rise above those challenges and withstand and recover quickly from them so that we can continue to carry on with all of our big rocks," Perez expressed.

In addition, Perez disproved the myth that "resilient leaders are so tough, that they are self-reliant and they do not need others," emphasizing that one does not become a resilient leader when one can manage a situation independently.

"Resilient leaders leverage the power of collective efforts to rise above any challenges. And they draw their strength from their team. But more importantly, if you are a Godly resilient leader, you draw strength from God," Perez insisted.

Perez revealed that at Ripple, they trained VAs to regularly thank God for their challenges, noting that doing so helped them become more resilient and opened doors for further advancement through a collaborative effort. According to the CEO, "Resilience is a process. You do not go through it alone."

Moreover, Perez debunked the idea that resilient leaders only deal with negative emotions, elaborating on how resilience is about more than just controlling emotions but striking a healthy balance between the various emotional states one may experience.

By making this declaration, Perez argued that emotionally stable and resilient leaders should focus more on maintaining a healthy balance between negative and positive feelings.

“Hindi naman tayo robot eh, hindi naman tayo hindi masa-sad. Kami dito sa Ripple, whenever there are challenges, and it means cutting off a relationship, letting go of someone, or for whatever reason, it may be, we feel sad. We recognize that there are moments that [we] would contemplate about it, meditate about what went wrong, where the gap was, how did the gap start, how can we improve and become one percent better in that situation, and that was [me] managing that negative emotion," Perez said.

While it is easier said than done, Perez maintained that the key to resilience is building forward momentum and strong relationships, which makes for happier, more involved, and more resilient individuals.

When viewed in that light, this principle can give individuals focus, meaning, and a feeling of where they should anticipate regarding their lives and the success they hope to achieve.


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