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RIPPLE NEWS: Opening 2 Satellite Offices to Boost Operations

To boost operations and cater to the growing number of clients worldwide, Ripple VAs marked another breakthrough following the establishment of two satellite offices in the country.

Seen as replicas of the company's main office in Cebu City, the new offices welcomed and convened virtual assistants in Nasugbu, Batangas in Luzon, and Murcia, Negros Occidental in Western Visayas.

According to Ripple VAs Chief Operations Officer Shana Manzano, the current two satellite offices have had complete control of running their office and ministry, recruitment, internal teams and top management, and Sunday service for the word of God.

Moreover, the new offices shared the company's main office setup, from operational procedures to payroll processes, systems, and strategies.

As a growing business and ministry, the company strives to build three to four satellite offices in 2022.

Remarkably, Ripple VAs-Murcia formally opened on January 2, 2022, with Claudine Ann Reyes as the managing director. Ripple VAs-Batangas, meanwhile, celebrated their ceremonial turn-over and ribbon-cutting on December 5, 2021, with Ma. Hanna Caraig leading the said office.

As the pandemic fundamentally changed how many organizations operate, running the satellite offices posed challenges upon the start.

Manzano revealed that directors of the satellite offices reported concerns about budget and leadership modifications.

"VAs transferred to the satellite offices who came from the main office were used to be under the leadership of Jez, and at first, there was a struggle of their submission to the satellite managing directors; but we eventually resolved it," Manzano said.

She added that the satellite offices faced an issue with meeting their payroll amount since they have their separate payroll. She, however, noted that the central office supported and added funds.

Meanwhile, Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez conveyed how she has always wanted her team to experience the beauty of starting a business. Hence, opening satellite offices is a strategic way to spread the company culture and ministry.


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