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RIPPLE NEWS: Lead Gen team conducts weekly training to boost client pitches

In a bid to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the Lead Generation (LG) Team, Ripple VAs has implemented weekly training sessions to guide the team in generating quality business leads for the company's virtual assistant leaders (VALs).

Led by LG Department Head Jennifer Adia and CEO Jezrel Perez’s guidance, the training sessions cover relevant topics designed to enhance the skills and expertise of the team members and provide them with the tools necessary to excel in their roles.

Since a month ago, the LG Team has been equipped with strategies to optimize accounts, learn LG techniques, familiarize themselves with different platform tools, and identify and pursue high-quality leads.

Adia said by delving into these subjects, her team gains valuable insights and knowledge that directly impact their ability to identify and convert potential clients.

“The overall training and development strategy for the company helps to generate the leads processes involving classifying prospective clients which increases the initiation of prospective clients to try our offered services,” Adia added.

Conducted virtually through Zoom meetings, the weekly development training sessions offer an accessible learning environment and allow for seamless communication and participation.

According to Adia, team members have engaged in interactive discussions, asked questions, and received real-time feedback from the trainers and their peers.

Moreover, the effectiveness and impact of these training sessions have been measured and evaluated by the positive outcomes observed in the LG process.

Notably, the team has experienced an increase in booking calls, showcasing the success of the training program in driving tangible results.

Adia said to ensure the ongoing relevance and up-to-dateness of the training, her team members actively contribute to the content and structure of the sessions.

“We created a communications strategy process. This includes what our follow-up process is going to look like, strategizing how we will respond to our leads, the kinds of materials we will share, who will contact them [prospective clients], and finally defining what our proposals will look like as well,” Adia explained.

She added that each team member is encouraged to share their individual strategies and insights derived from utilizing various platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Upwork, and YouTube, enabling them to leverage diverse perspectives and stay ahead of the ever-evolving trends.

“Looking at all the elements of a successful lead generation campaign can make our heads spin a bit. So in conclusion, we make sure our campaign includes a clear understanding of our target market, multiple media channels to capture and narrow down our leads, compelling offers, and a strong strategy that tracks performance and services,” Adia said.

By equipping the LG Department with the necessary skills and knowledge, Ripple VAs continues to achieve remarkable success in generating business leads, driving growth, and strengthening its position in the market.


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