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RIPPLE NEWS: Dipolog satellite office to operate soon

With the vision to have a ministry in all parts of the country, Ripple VAs will soon launch its third satellite office on the Second Floor, Lacaya Building 2, Bonifacio Street, Dipolog City.

Currently, Ripple VAs-Dipolog is preparing for the necessary workforce training with Patricia Louisse Garcia as its soon-to-be managing director. At the same time, Leona Marie Flores, Shamah Dagotdot, and Disny Saturos will soon serve as the executives.

In a statement, Ripple VAs Chief Operations Officer (COO) Shana Manzano said they are now in the last week of performing business, ministry, and leadership training exclusively for the Dipolog VAs and the management team.

The Core Mission Team, composed of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jezrel Perez, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Melvie Ayacaide, Chief Mission Officer (CMO) Stella Geraldez, Liezel Lumiguid, Danele Manzano, and Saira Lee Basarte, arrived in the city on June 19 to conduct the month-long training.

Business matters trained included VA overview, proper mindset, basic must-have tools, basic admin tasks, HR and recruitment, social media management, onboarding and offboarding VAs, basics of lead generation, email marketing campaign, handling internal communication challenges, basic Canva, video editing, bookkeeping, content writing and repurposing, and basics of branding.

A ministry training also occurred, fulfilling mentorship sessions, Sunday services and devotions, and team building.

Manzano bared that the company chose to erect its third satellite office in Dipolog because of the receiver of the vision.

"It started when Patricia, who is going to be the Satellite Managing Director, reached out to Jezrel and curiously asked about the vision. After that conversation, it resulted in the vision being received and born in Dipolog," Manzano said.

As a ministry, Ripple VAs’ vision is to have an office where its VAs can be found, reach them, and be more intentional in doing mentorships physically.

More than widening the reach of God’s Word, the company also targets to provide more opportunities to people and not contain the growth in one place.

Ripple VAs-Dipolog consists of three VAs from the company's main office, six new VAs on training, and four who belong to the Dipolog management team.

So far, the top management's challenges are more on the relationship between the administration and the executives, including the management's connections to the VAs.

"We have learned that every satellite office is different, and we must have a customized approach for each whenever we do the training and process of launching," Manzano said.

She added, "Since this is our third satellite office, we are now wiser regarding processes and our training materials more refined. We do leadership training and some ministry training that were not available yet during the earlier satellite offices."

"The training is running well so far. We are also being sensitive to God's instruction and discerning any red flags," Manzano furthered.

The new satellite office, as Manzano had described, is positioned in the center of Dipolog City and is accessible. It can accommodate up to 30 to 40 people.

Manzano noted that they are looking forward to the new office to have their pioneering VAs graduate.


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