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RIPPLE NEWS: Automated process for recruitment to go live by Q4

To enhance its recruitment strategies, Ripple VAs Recruitment Department Head Cecil Encinares disclosed that they are looking forward to the company's automated process for hiring VAs, which will be complete and functional by Quarter Four (Q4) of the year.

Ripple VAs plans on automating the recruitment tasks and processes to provide a better experience for applicants while improving, adapting, and providing excellent services.

Encinares said the company's current recruitment process is very manual, where applicants undergo labor-intensive communication, scheduling, monitoring, and assessments; thus, automating their processes can lead to streamlining and saving a great deal of time.

Encinares was responsible for the process flow of the project, laying out the automated recruitment design and the functions behind it.

She added that the department conducted multiple meetings for the project to be grasped.

"It was an exchange between me, Faith Rubin (Chief Website Officer), Shana Manzano (Chief Operations Officer), and Marjune Redondo (Website Designer). We also had six volunteer-VAs who helped create the test tasks for the assessments in the future," Encinares said.

Process for the future automated recruitment

For the automated process, Encinares shared that the candidate would need to go to Ripple's website and click the "Apply Now" category.

The said window on the company's website contains all the details needed for recruitment, such as the requirements, a look at the steps they will undergo, and instructions.

As to the candidate's view, Encinares discussed that candidates have to confirm by filling up the candidate form if they are ready, then a generated code will be provided afterward, serving as their candidate ID.

Then, the candidates will proceed immediately to assessment, use their candidate ID, and choose the VA category depending on their current skills.

After choosing, the Recruitment Department will provide an automated test task assessment with an equivalent timer for 24 hours. When the timer is up, the assessment will automatically close and be unavailable for review.

Within 24 hours after submission, the candidate will receive an update on whether they passed or failed. The department will send automated emails for further instructions on the status.

At the back-end's view, the department will receive the candidate record or profile in one viewing, assessing the candidate form responses, monitoring if they have completed or still undergoing assessment, evaluating submitted task output, and providing immediate results.

Pros and cons of an automated recruitment

Encinares said the only disadvantage of establishing automatic workflows is that the application for Ripple is not for unprepared candidates in terms of the right mindset, documents or requirements, and time.

Meanwhile, the new system will be an equal opportunity for the applicants since the fundamental steps are arranged for them from the beginning.

Encinares added, "It is common during interviews that candidates were unknowledgeable that Ripple has a website or did not know much about the company."

With automated recruitment, applicants would get to know more about the company since the application is on Ripple's website.

Encinares furthered that the new process would make it easier for applicants (organic or referral) to know where and how to apply.

Lastly, there will also be a shorter turnaround time for the whole process with results included, and the candidate will know where they are in the process since they can see it in the system.

"If they're ready, they can decide to start the application or not. Since the process is continuous and candidate pacing, I am only going to see the completed candidate profile with the outputs/responses so there will be an unbiased judgment, and all applicants will get to show their potential," Encinares pointed out.

Currently, the automated process is not functional; however, Encinares and her team continue working on and preparing the software tailored to Ripple's practices.


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