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RIPPLE NEWS: 2 New Satellite Offices Poised for Launch

Doubling its impact, Ripple VAs prepares to launch its two new satellite offices in Laguna and Isabela, with the decision to establish freelancing opportunities involving a process centered on a deep sense of purpose and community.

The initial preparations for the satellite office launch were formally initiated during Ripple's Leadership Immersion Camp, held from July 24 to 28, 2023.

During the said camp, Ripple unveiled its plans for the new offices, outlining a comprehensive calendar of tasks that need to be accomplished weekly.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) Shana Manzano mentioned they still focus on recruitment and lead generation at present.

Both Ripple VAs-Isabela and Laguna aim to hire between 10 to 15 new Virtual Assistants and Leaders (VALs) before commencing skill-based online training on September 1.

While the exact building sites of the satellite offices have yet to be finalized, Ripple is actively engaging with potential building owners to secure suitable spaces.

The sites in Laguna and Isabela were chosen based on the resonance of the people who have received the vision.

"The people who have received the vision to build the upcoming satellite office must have their greater 'why' - God and the people. Then money and other things are just secondary," Manzano said.

Decisions concerning the launch of the new satellite offices were not made unilaterally; the teams behind Ripple VAs-Laguna, led by Daryl Aldrix Briones, Kyle Almero, Ysabel Gayahan, and Ripple VAs-Isabela, headed by Shiena Marie Sapon and Kenny Dacanay, respectively, embarked on a journey to clarify their vision.

Their ideas and plans were shared with Ripple VAs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jezrel Perez to further refine the vision and ensure alignment with the company's core values.

As the launch date approaches, questions arise regarding the functions and responsibilities of these new satellite offices compared to the existing ones.

Manzano said that Ripple's mission to offer freelancing opportunities while fostering a sense of community and impact remains consistent.

However, the specific roles and areas of influence will be shaped by the individual strengths and talents of the teams involved.

Additionally, Manzano stated that a mission team will be deployed to each satellite office's location once the virtual training sessions are completed.

She furthered that the said team will play a crucial role in establishing the office and ministry, providing back-to-back leadership and business training sessions.

While the exact composition of the mission teams has yet to be determined, Manzano maintained that Ripple's commitment to excellence ensures that only the most skilled and dedicated individuals will be chosen.

The target launch date for the new satellite offices remains undisclosed, pending further developments.

Various factors, such as recruitment progress, office setup, and training completion, will influence the timing of the launch.


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