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Ripple Case Study: How Clients Benefit from our Referral Program


When a current client of Ripple VAs brings in a new client, the current client will be given a 30% discount on their next month’s subscription renewal. The discount takes effect when the new client has chosen to subscribe to Ripple’s services after their free trial and has been onboarded by Ripple VAs. If, after the free trial and the referred does not continue with choosing Ripple VAs’ services, the referee’s discount will be null and void. Thus, no discount will take effect. A qualified referral occurs when a current client of Ripple VAs can promote and convince their referred through any means of communication, such as emails, phone calls, word of mouth, etc., to sign up for Ripple VAs monthly subscription.


The main concerns of Ripple that the Client Referral Program addressed were the following:

  • Promotion and marketing of the business

  • Streamlined process of current clients sending referrals via email


Since the program started, it has had its terms and conditions that ensure the operation’s efficiency. These are the following:

  • The referee must be a current client of Ripple VAs.

  • The referred must be a new client to qualify for the Client Referral Program.

  • The referee’s name will serve as a referral code when the referred applies for the Client Referral Program.

  • The referee can get 30% off his next month’s subscription. The discount will take effect after the trial period should their referred choose to continue with Ripple VAs’ monthly services subscription.

  • Once the referred can acquire a referral, the referred shall email the referee’s name as their referral code with “Client Referral Program” as the email subject. Should the referred qualify or not for the program, Ripple VAs will notify the referee through email of the status of their referred.

  • The company will record the following information to monitor those who qualified for the Client Referral Program: name of the referred new client, name of the current client who gave the referral, date of referral, and date of notice of accepted referral of the new client.


There is an increase in the number of acquired clients in Ripple VAs. The Client Referral Program is one of the ways the company receives new clients, aside from the internal lead generation work. Also, clients are pleased with the incentive they get from every successful referral. 85% of the clients refer Ripple VAs to their colleagues.


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