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Mental health talks: What makes Virtual Assistant Leaders (VALs) someone we can depend on

In the Philippines, more than 5% of staffers in the workplace experience mental health concerns, especially during the earlier onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to medical care and support can be challenging for many staffers; however, mental health is an important aspect of our general well-being. Ripple VAs believes that it is high time for us to address such problems, and we take pride in our Virtual Assistant Leaders (VALs) as a promising tool to improve mental health in any workplace because they offer easily accessible, individualized, and practical support.

In this blog, we'll look at the advantages and uses of VALs in mental health.

Provide emotional support

Staffers with mental health problems can receive emotional assistance from VALs.

For instance, designing mindfulness seminars to be projected by the company This is to ensure that staffers can rely on a company that genuinely cares for their mental health.

Moreover, clients can earn support from VALs through chatbots that can be used as conversational tools to offer emotional guidance. To assist clients, they can also provide cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies like problem-solving techniques and mindfulness training.

Deliver meditation and relaxation techniques

To help staffers and clients manage stress and anxiety, VALs can also provide guided meditation and relaxation practices.

For instance, VALs can make use of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa that offer gradual muscle relaxation exercises, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. The use of relaxing music and natural sounds is a good way to elevate their moods.

Monitor symptoms and design tailored support

VALs can keep track of symptoms and offer tailored support to people with mental health issues. They can collect information on clients’ emotions, activity levels, and sleep habits to spot trends and give them feedback.

Also, VALs help remind clients to take their medications, exercise, or attend therapy appointments.

Improve access to mental health care

VALs can increase access to mental health care for people in isolated or underdeveloped locations where access to mental health care is scarce. They can also lessen stigma by offering emotional support to clients who might be reluctant to seek assistance from a healthcare therapist.

VALs have the potential to revolutionize mental health care by giving people who are dealing with mental health problems easy, individualized, and accessible support. VALs can aid people in enhancing their quality of life by offering emotional support, conducting guided meditation and relaxation techniques, monitoring symptoms, and facilitating access to care.

Ripple VAs believes that VALs are among the changemakers of tomorrow’s mental health awareness in the workplace.

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