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Marketing with Google Trends

Google Trends is a site that evaluates the popularity of top Google search results in different regions worldwide. The website makes use of graphs to compare the number of searches across a period of time. Google Trends can compare keyword research, find spikes in keywords caused by events, and provide keyword-related data such as a search volume index and geographic data on search engine users.

Start by browsing Google Trends and see what searches are currently trending, then going deeper into a topic for more information. You can also type a search word into the tool's search box to examine how search volume for that term has changed over time and in different places.

Marketers can benefit significantly from Google search trends data since they can increase the marketing efforts when relevant search terms are trending:

1. Inform seasonal campaigns

Google Trends data can inform seasonal campaigns in sponsored search, assisting with cost planning and inventory replenishment. Furthermore, you can utilize Google Trends to identify irrelevant trending terms that should be marked as negative keywords so that a trending search does not significantly impact expenditures. The company can use the given information to drive your creative ad campaign. Google Trends learns what issues are currently attracting the public's attention. This should be the company’s goal in marketing initiatives that can boost user engagement.

2. Predict crests and troughs.

Google Trends plots trends over time, allowing the company to examine what was popular in the past and what is popular currently. Trying out various phrases and noticing popularity dips and spikes can help catch a new trend and be successful online.

3. Increase click-through rates

When there is an increase in search volume, the click rates will almost certainly increase. As a result, companies create concrete plans when products or services are trending. This knowledge is advantageous when running sponsored search advertising or establishing a calendar for blogging to increase the chances of appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

4. Keeps track of brand recognition

Utilizing Google Trends will help monitor the brand, determine if the campaign successfully increased online visibility, and how effective a given campaign was based on the searches.

5. Benefit SEO’s

Google Trends can see what information people in your target market are looking for. SEO’s and content marketers can use this to make blogs about these trends that can help the website gain traction.

6. Visualize shared interests

Google Trends can help visualize shared interests. People look for things that they are interested in. Google Trends assists us in visualizing trends through its graph with the right setting. For more detailed information, change the region, time period, category, and the type of web search.

7. Realize content demand

Since the site provides information about various search terms, a company can add these to the Keyword Ideas spreadsheet and use AdWords to double-check these words. This gives insight into what the customers are looking for throughout their searches. This is worth developing content around because there is a market demand when you select terms that differ drastically in volume and are trending over time.

8. Determine market feasibility

You may also extrapolate a market possibility for your business service or product using Google Trends. If the search volume for various words related to your product decreases, you can assume that people are searching less for this topic. There are various reasons for this, but it may be time to reconsider whether the attractiveness of the campaign is decreasing.

9. Recognize patterns unique to a location.

Rather than looking at the entire country, you may look at specific regions to discover popular and trending themes. This enables you to come up with tailored content. Using the translated keyword of products/services and checking the trend in the target country, Google Trends will assist you in determining if there is a demand.

With Google Trends, this will be an addition to the company’s arsenal in advertisement campaigns. Likewise, this will be an essential tool for pursuing brand recognition and long-term sustainability.


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