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MANAGEMENT FEATURE: Chief Training Officer Liezel Lumiguid

"With great power comes great responsibility" Ripple Chief Training Officer, Liezel Lumigid, is responsible for transforming ordinary VAs into extraordinary ones. If Marvel has Nick Fury, Ripple has Liezel.

Liezel is dedicated to her work and can juggle many projects at once. She is responsible, detail-oriented, accountable for her job, provides quality output, and ultimately wants to make a difference to the company. Her exemplary work ethic has attracted the management. Ripple VAs CEO Miss Jez personally reached out and offered to lead the company's training process.

So when she received the call to head the Training program, she thought it was just a joke since during the Dipolog mission trip with the top management and mission core team, they kept teasing her about joining the training department.

"I was a bit surprised and grateful since I also long for a career breakthrough, and I am thankful to God for this opportunity and experience", she noted.

At first, Liezel doubted if she was the best person to take this role, but she was also reminded that God would never put her in something she could not manage or handle. She is grateful to the top management for the opportunity to lead one of the most crucial departments in the company.

As the new Chief Training Officer, she will train the new VAs to ensure their development and readiness to handle clients. She also provided them with training materials and activities to assist them in upscaling and assessing their skills to take on higher levels of tasks. Her department consists of nine (9) Ripple Guides, including her as the training head. Once the applicants pass on the final interview, they will be handed over to her department to undergo a 3-week training program. Ripple VAs training program also provides training for tenured VAs who want to upscale their skills. The Ripple Guides monitor the trainees' progress, performance, and outputs within the training period and will assist them with their training activities. Liezel's main responsibility as the head office is to oversee the needs of the trainees that would make their experience meaningful and to provide constructive feedback regarding their training output.

To ensure that the training runs smoothly, Liezel and her team have a lot of meetings and plans with the Ripple Guides to discuss what training courses need to be included in the program. They run some tests on their activities before they officially start the training program. They put a lot of effort into preparing the training materials and activities. Also, they allow the trainees to provide feedback regarding the training program to improve the system.

As the head and the team leader of the Training program, Liezel always acknowledges the efforts of her members. Whenever they encounter challenges, she reminds them about their commitment as Ripple Guides and encourages the team to be positive and stay motivated. She also always emphasized that their small sacrifice would help the growth of the trainees and the company.

Liezel's department continues to think of innovation to perfect the formula for creating the best VAs in Ripple. The company now has three levels of training that can motivate all aspiring members to upscale their skills. The training department wants to ensure that all training levels have targeted activities and that all exercises will make them competent among VAs.

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