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Management Feature: Chief Internal Marketing Officer Earl Guen Padayao

A Symbol of Passion and Excellence

Brainy, dreamy, and undeniably a person of excellence — that’s Ripple VAs’ Chief Internal Marketing Officer, Earl.

Earl Guen Quiñones Padayao is a young academician accumulating more knowledge at Silliman University - College of Law as a 3rd Year Juris Doctor student. Known to many as “Earl” or sometimes “Guen”, the Chief Internal Marketing Officer of Ripple is a passionate, goal-driven, and reliable individual who is looked upon to by many, including his friends and colleagues.

Born to an agro-economist father and a public school teacher mother, Earl became the eldest brother to two of his younger siblings. Steadfast in his drive to make his family proud and to achieve his dreams, he pursues every milestone possible in the field of academics, leadership, service, and career. He finished his first degree, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with flying colors as a cum laude harboring a 1.25 or 97% Grade Point Average (GPA). He also became an international exchange student at Northern Illinois University, USA where he studied environmental leadership.

Earl is also known as a reputable parliamentary debate adjudicator on both Asian and British formats — with multiple medals during his prime. Speaking of which, he also holds multiple local and national recognitions such as the prestigious Mga Bagong Rizal Award 2017 of the Philippine Center for Gifted Education and the coveted Best Delegate Award of the 2016 Philippine Model Congress held at the Senate of the Philippines.

A decorated youth leader who have taken the helm of various socio-civic and academic organizations in Visayas and Mindanao, Earl has taken his passion to lead others, mold others, and serve others in his career as a college instructor at Bukidnon State University and previously at Negros Oriental State University. He also served as a legal intern at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor — Cotabato.

As a person pivotal to the success of various organizations and his workplace, Earl’s definition of success serves as a fundamental pillar of his actions. For him, success is something highly circumstantial, that success is being able to achieve the best possible outcome based on the circumstances. He sees success with having something to do with striking a balance between what is reasonably possible and what is ideal or perfect.

All this knowledge and experiences allowed him to bring a fresher perspective at Ripple VAs, a company led by his friend and classmate, the company’s CEO, Jezrel Perez. Together with Ripple Management, Earl actively contributes to the company as its internal marketing chief. In the workplace, he is very detail-oriented, visionary and proactive. He sets clear and comprehensive rules and protocols for those under his supervision to ensure an efficient and working system. Furthermore, he is capable of amplifying the productivity of the workplace through the help of the competent pool of professionals at Ripple.

As the Chief Internal Marketing Officer of Ripple, Earl takes active roles in supervising the content production of the company from brainstorming ideas, assuring quality in all outputs, and communicating the same to the public through our channels. He is also responsible for supervising the virtual assistants under the Content and Marketing Department while also monitoring the implementation of the Ripple Continuing Education Program (RCEP). Not just that, he also does other administrative tasks which he perceives to be pivotal in attaining success for the virtual assistants, for the company, and for the clientele.

With the intention of continuously improving and bringing fresher perspectives wherever he goes, he intends to continue working in the academe and become a tenured professor in the future, he dreams to also practice law on the side as a pro bono lawyer, and making ripples of change as Ripple’s Chief Internal Marketing Chief.

Truly, a symbol of passion and excellence — that’s Earl Guen Quiñones Padayao.


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